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11 Ski Movies to Get Excited About: Lead Image

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If you’re at all like us, this time of year you start to get a little antsy for ski season. There’s no better way to build your stoke level for the upcoming winter than with the latest ski films. Last week on our Chairlift Chat blog we took a look at three upcoming ski film festivals happening this fall. We highly recommend getting to one if you’re able to, but we understand that the logistics of traveling to one of those festivals could potentially outweigh the desire to be there. Rest assured, if you can’t make it to one of those festivals, we’ve got you covered. We’ve put together a list of the 11 ski films we’re most excited about this fall. So grab all your ski buddies, fire up some popcorn, and put on your own ski film festival with some (or all) of these brand new ski films.

Matchstick Productions – Ruin and Rose

Why We're Excited: Matchstick Productions (MSP) has been on the forefront of ski movie production since 1993. Over that time they’d solidified themselves as an innovator in the industry and have produced some of the most popular ski movies of the past 20 years. Ski Movie, Yearbook, Seven Sunny Days, McConkey… the list goes on and on.

Ruin and Rose looks like it follows in their company’s footsteps. A creative trailer, incredible cinematography we’ve come to expect from MSP, absolutely mind blowing terrain, and an all-star cast has us super excited for this new film. AND we’ll be hosting our own premiere of Ruin and Rose in our home town of Stowe, VT on November 18 at The Rusty Nail. All proceeds of the event will benefit The High Fives Foundation.

Who To Watch For: Expect to see Sammy Carlson and Tanner Rainville hitting huge backcountry kickers in their trademark signature styles. Eric Hjorleifson and Cody Townsend will surely ski some absolutely insane, knee-knocking big mountain lines. MSP packs their movies full of extremely talented, versatile athletes, so there really is something for everyone.

Warren Miller Entertainment – Here, There, & Everywhere

Why We're Excited: No one has more experience making ski movies than Warren Miller. Warren Miller first picked up a camera to film skiing 67 years ago and these days Warren Miller Entertainment continues the legacy by producing feel good ski films year after year.

Here, There, and Everywhere celebrates the idea that over the years Warren Miller’s films have taken audiences all across the globe to tiny little neighborhood ski hills, giant backcountry terrain, and everything in between. No production company encompasses the diversity within the sport of skiing as well as Warren Miller. This year’s film is especially exciting as Warren Miller himself will be narrating ski tales like the movies of old and it is sure to be a throwback to the impressive history of both the man himself and his movie legacy.

Who To Watch For: Warren Miller Entertainment always uses a broad, diverse group of athletes in their films. One quick glance at their athlete page shows an abundance of famous skiers from all different backgrounds. Perhaps most impressive is their list of female athletes. When you have Ingrid Backstrom, Grete Eliassen, Kaylin Richardson, Wendy Fisher, and Caroline Gleich in your ski movie, it’s bound to be good.

Field Productions – Supervention II

Why We're Excited: Are you reading this before watching the trailer? I only ask because if you don’t know why we’re excited about this movie I’m guessing you skipped straight here. Although we don’t like watching people crash, the first shot in the trailer of Jesper really sets the theme for a jaw-dropping, awe-inspiring film. The guys at Field Production do an amazing job at telling the story of skiing and snowboarding in stunning moving pictures. We love seeing backcountry kickers, pond skims, insane backcountry lines, urban rails, and race training all in the same movie.

Who To Watch For: Jesper Tjader is the skier in the opening shot going down hard on the loop box. Along with Oystein Braten, another Scandinavian ripper, we’re going to see some super progressive park skiing. It’s refreshing to see PK Hunder’s name in the lineup and we can’t wait to see what he brought to the table. We also feel like we need to highlight Terje Hakonsen. Although we can pretty much guarantee he won’t be skiing in the movie, he’s hands down one of the best snow-riders in history and it is always a pleasure to watch him cruise through powder.

TGR – Tight Loose

Why We're Excited: TGR turns 21 this year, so buy them a beer next time you run into them at apres ski. Their newest film, Tight Loose, is a celebration of how far their movies have come and their constant desire to push the boundaries of the sport and film making. It’s a bold claim when TGR says this is their highest achievement to date, but after watching the trailer, we have no doubt that’s the case.

The movie even has a segment where the 21-year athlete roster comes together for a reunion-style group shred of The Palisades at Squaw Valley. Heck, we’d pay money just for that one segment. In true TGR fashion you can expect to see absolutely insane big mountain backcountry lines all with an exciting, fun feel. According to Tim Durtschi in the trailer, Tight Loose is “What the boys have been living by for the past 21 years, and it’s been working.” We couldn’t agree more, Tim. Now show us what crazy antics you guys got into over the past season, we’re dying to see this movie.

Who To Watch For: This movie is going to be packed full of big names in the ski world thanks to the reunion segment at Squaw. It’s hard to call out individual skiers as we’re sure everyone in the movie contributes relatively equally. That being said, we’re always excited to see stylish big mountain skiing from the likes of Sage Cattabriga-Alosa, Tim Durtschi, and Dane Tudor, just to name a few.

Level 1 Productions – Pleasure

Why We're Excited: Level 1 has always been a big innovator in the world of ski films ever since their first offering back in 2000, Balance. Since those days their production quality has gone through the roof, but they’ve retained the fun, progressive themes that their movies have always been famous for. Level 1 has helped develop the careers of some incredible athletes. We can recall Tanner Rainville’s performances in Shanghai Six (remember the grabbed spins off that up rail?), Wallisch and Harlaut changing the game in Refresh, and so many more.

The trailer for Pleasure definitely gives the same exciting, innovative, creative vibe that we’ve come to expect from Level 1. Also, if the trailer is any indication, this movie is going to have an crazy awesome soundtrack, another trait that has become synonymous with Level 1. We are excited to see quite a few backcountry, big mountain shots in the trailer as sometimes Level 1 movies can be a little bit jib-heavy. In every movie they’ve ever put out, however, we’ve seen something that we’d never seen before, and we can guarantee Pleasure will be no different.

Who To Watch For: We’re always excited to see what Will Wesson and LJ Strenio come up with. There’s a shot in the trailer of Will doing a “rail” transfer from one tree branch to another and we’re sure they’ll be even more crazy shenanigans from those two. We’re also excited to see skiing from Ethan Swadburg, Jonah Williams, and Keegan Kilbride. Those three names, if you haven’t heard them before, are leading the charge of the next generation of stylish, innovative park skiers.

Good Company – Vice Versa

Why We're Excited: Good Company is like a combination of Level 1, 4bi9, and some of the best park skiers in the world. Seriously, though, it actually is. Two talented filmmakers, AJ Dakoulas from 4bi9 and Kyle Decker from Level 1 have teamed up with Tom Wallisch to create Good Company.

Will Vice Versa have the best park and urban skiing shots of the year? It certainly could. Their cast of athletes is arguably the most impressive of the year and from the look of the trailer they all absolutely killed it while shooting with Good Company. It also looks to have some impressive backcountry footage and if the trailer is any indication, the whole film is going to have a really fun vibe.

Who To Watch For: Tom Wallisch is going to be a standout in this movie for sure. It’s his company and he’s still one of the best skiers in the world at what he does. There are some other names in this movie, however, that are going to be just as much fun to watch. Athletes like John Ware and Chris Laker don’t have as much exposure as someone like Tom Wallisch, but their skiing in this movie is almost guaranteed to earn them some new fans. Oh, and Karl Fostvedt will do something crazy.

Shades of Winter – Between

Why We're Excited: This is the third film from pro skier and producer Sandra Lahnsteiner. What’s special about her films? The cast is made up entirely of female pro skiers. We love the increased attention on the female side of our sport and are thrilled to see another Shades of Winter film.

With an impressive cast and financial backing from Redbull Media House you can expect amazing videography (the film was shot in Ultra HD 4K) as well as incredible skiing and stories from these amazing women. The film boasts that it isn’t just about the epic moments on snow, but also the time, energy, struggles, and challenges they must overcome to get the results they desire. This is a theme we’ve seen more and more in recent ski movies. We love when production companies take us on a journey with them. We think it gives you a better appreciation of how these films are put together.

Who To Watch For: Honestly, we’re excited to see everyone in this movie, but there are a couple standouts. It’s always a treat to get to watch Julia Mancuso ski, especially on the rare occasions it’s outside a race course. We’re also extra excited to see what Tiril Christiansen and Emma Dahlstrom have up their sleeve. Both of those ladies have been killing over the past few seasons and we can’t wait to see what they accomplished.

Blank Collection – Canvas

Why We're Excited: This is the second film from Blank Collection and we really can’t wait to see it. Leigh Powis has proved he’s not just a wizard on skis, he’s also a magical video editor with an amazing vision for his films. If the POV avalanche footage around a minute into the film doesn’t send chills down your spine, we’re guessing you’re a cyborg from the future. Or you don’t ski, which is equally alien to us.

Canvas is going to be different. We’re not sure exactly how or exactly why, we just have a feeling this movie is going to stand out a little bit this season for its creativity both in the skiing and in the film-making. Blank Collection proudly claims that their films are athlete-driven, rather than producer driven. This is usually a great recipe for a ski movie as the athletes get to pick the terrain, the tricks, and really everything about the shots they’re getting. This can mean the skiers are a little more comfortable allowing their true styles and abilities to come out, as opposed to a company-mandated park shoot where athletes have to show up and do what they’re told (to a certain extent).

Who To Watch For: Blank Collection has hand-picked an impressive lineup of skiers. We can’t wait to see what Vincent Gangier and Alex Beaulie-Marchand thought of, as those two seem to look at the sport of skiing completely different than the rest of us. Also, if new tricks off big jumps is your thing, we can guarantee Dean Bercovich will do some kind of double or triple flip you’ve never seen before. The laws of physics just don’t seem to apply to that one.

Bobby Brown – Be Water

Why We're Excited: We get excited about anything that Stept Productions puts out. In fact, those guys have been so successful their skills in video production are starting to create demand in bigger industries than the ski movie world. Because of this, we expect someday we won’t see nearly as much ski footage out of the Martini brothers who founded Stept Productions. Throw in contributions from Poor Boys Productions and you’ve got an allstar film making team.

Teaming up with Bobby Brown you know it’s going to be an impressive film. Not many people can match the skiing ability of Bobby Brown, just as not many people can match the videography and cinematography of the Martini brothers. Gosh, the first shot of the trailer is enough to get us excited! That switch double rodeo 900 cliff drop… we can’t think of anyone that would do that better than Bobby. Heck, there might not be another skier who would want to even attempt it.

Who To Watch For: Well this is silly, because it’s Bobby’s movie. There are, however, cameos from Banks GIlberti, Aaron Blunck, and even Bobby’s brother, Peter.

Inspired Media – BE Inspired

Why We're Excited: There are four major people involved in this film. Henrik Harlaut and Phil Casabon as skiers operating in front of the lens, and Eric Iberg along with Brady Perron behind it. That’s a recipe for a good movie, trust us. Eric Iberg is a ski filmmaking legend that focuses on style over the latest triple flip or biggest spin and his influence is guarantees a high quality product. On the ground level, Brady Perron (aka a candidate for the "your favorite skier's favorite skier" award) has been following Henrik and Phil for the last two years, capturing and editing all of the ridiculous skiing from Henrik and Phil. Add it all of that up and you know it’s going to be a must-see.

The intro to the trailer gives you a sense of how this movie is going to be: different. It looks like it’s going to follow Henrik and Phil throughout their journey in skiing over the past couple seasons. That means urban rails, X Games trips, new tricks, massive tricks in the backcountry, and all of it with a style and attitude that’s unique to Phil and Henrik. Oh, and it has an entirely original soundtrack.

Who To Watch For: The intro to the trailer gives you a sense of how this movie is going to be: different. It looks like it’s going to follow Henrik and Phil throughout their journey in skiing over the past couple seasons. That means urban rails, X Games trips, new tricks, massive tricks in the backcountry, and all of it with a style and attitude that’s unique to Phil and Henrik.

La Familia & Ahmet Dadali – Book of Times

Why We're Excited: It’s about time Ahmet got his own short film. The guy has been absolutely killing it for years and has a combination of urban and backcountry skills that are arguably unmatched by anyone else in the industry (we’re talking same league as Phil and Henrik here). We can’t wait to see what Ahmet came up with for his movie. Just the shots in the trailer alone are enough to pay money to see.

We expect this movie to have an overall raw feel. You’re bound to see lots of painful crashes as urban skiing can go pretty wrong sometimes, but you’re also going to see Ahmet stomp huge backcountry airs, ski away from massive urban drops, and slide some of the most creative rails we’ve seen.

Who To Watch For: It’s tough to tell from the trailer whether this movie will have any rider cameos, but even if it doesn’t, Ahmet is plenty of entertainment for an entire short film.


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