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Last winter, our Dynastar and Lange rep dropped a pair of these skis off at our shop so that we could test them out before they hit the shelves. I was eager to try them, so the first time it snowed a few inches, I scooped them up and hit the slopes. While the first day out wasn't a powder day, I still got a taste of how it handled the soft stuff. After that, I demoed the Dynastar Cham 107 skis several more times in the variable and ever changing conditions of our home mountain in Stowe, VT. I quickly fell in love with the skis and their awesome ability to handle it all! The Cham 107 skis slayed the spring slop, fresh pow, and even the firm East Coast conditions. Not only that, but the skis performed perfect on the groomers, in the sidecountry, and even in backcountry terrain. Essentially, the Dynastar Cham 107 is capable of shredding everywhere, in any conditions.

Every year I take a ski trip. Last winter I knew I was on my way to ski A-Basin & Silverton Mountain, CO, so I was trying to decide on a new pair of "fat" skis to take on my trip. I was looking for a ski with a waist of 100+ that would plow though the spring crud, hold an edge on the morning firm conditions and float the fresh snow. I needed a fat ski that could handle the possibility of varying spring conditions. Asking a lot of one ski right? Well fortunately this all happened after I'd been demoing the Dynastar Cham 107, so I knew exactly what I had to do. I called up our rep and made an offer for the skis. After he agreed, I bought them up and brought them out West with me.

The new Cham 107 skis gave me the exact performance I was looking for in a "semi-fat" ski. I did not find the Cham 107 lacking in performance in any snow condition or on any terrain. The Cham 107 skis performed perfect on both the East Coast as well as in the big terrain of Colorado. If you want a ski that busts through the crud, cranks high speed GS turns on the groomers, floats in the pow, and allows you to stomp your landings no matter where you are, then you need to get on a pair of the Dynastar Cham 107 skis.

The emergence of Dynastar's new Levitation Profile has definitely benefited the Cham 107. This new profile from Dynastar features a 5 point sidecut to give you maximum float in the tip and tail, but traditional sidecut in the waist, allowing you to crank high speed GS turns on the groomers when the off-piste conditions are unfavorable. In terms of camber, the Dynastar Cham 107 utilizes a hybrid rocker system, with a long Rocker tip, classic camber underfoot, and a reverse sidecut flat pintail. This triple threat really provided the performance I needed in any snow condition on all terrain.

2013 Dynastar Cham 107 Skis Review; Levitation Profile

Overall, I really enjoy the Dynastar Cham 107. There is no chatter and an unbelievable edge grip allows you to rip with confidence. Not to mention the insane maneuverability and ease of turn initiation. I must say my favorite thing about the Dynastar Cham 107 is the way the skis simply just plow through everything. There's one day that I distinctly remember doubting the ski's ability in choppy snow, as I was approaching a pile of crud. I was coming in hot and starting to worry that I would get bounced right off the pile, probably injuring myself as a result. But without any hesitation or backlash, the Dynastar Cham 107's diced right through that fat pile of crud. It was such a boost of confidence to learn I could just let the skis roll without avoiding piles of chopped snow and crud. If you like to charge any and all terrain as fast as you can ski it, I highly recommend the Dynastar Cham 107 skis.

2013 Dynastar Cham 107 Review


Written by on 8/02/12