The 2015 Nordica NRGY 100 is the SUV of Skiing // Ski Reviews

The 2015 Nordica NRGY 100 is the SUV of Skiing: Lead Image

A couple weeks back, I was eyeing the weather when I saw a perfect bluebird day pop into the forecast. This is something of a rarity during January in Vermont, so I took the opportunity to grab a small quiver of demo skis from our retail shop (Pinnacle Ski and Sports in Stowe, VT). As an employee at a ski shop, it’s super important to demo a wide variety of skis- not only to help advise the customer, but also to build a better understanding of how each skis fit into the spectrum of what’s out there. Think about it: if you only ever ski on powder skis, you probably wouldn’t be able to distinguish the subtleties between two 80mm waisted carving skis. But that’s besides the point.

The point is, on this particular Thursday I was excited to be heading up to the Mountain office for a full day of work. On self-proclaimed demo days such as this one, I typically like to start with narrow skis, and work my way up. So, the 2015 Nordica NRGY 100’s were actually the second ski of the day for me, after taking a few runs on the 2015 K2 Rictor 82 XTi. Another thing I like to do is start each ski demo on the same run. Doing this gives me a level playing field to begin assessing the skis comparatively.

On this particular day, Nosedive was the first run of choice. I’m a fan of using this trail for demos as it has a wide variety of terrain at your disposal. Up top, you can dip into the woods or head for some moguls. As the trail mellows out, you’ll typically find a well groomed center, with loose snow and bumps to the sides of the trail. This lets you touch on just about everything in the first run.

The 2015 Nordica NRGY 100 is the SUV of Skiing: Spec Sheet

Knowing that the 2015 Nordica NRGY 100 skis should have no trouble in soft snow, I headed right for some glades towards the top of the run. The snow was thick that day due to the warmth of the sun, but the NRGY 100’s had no problem staying above the mess. Even in tight situations, I was able to maneuver sufficiently.

Back on the trail, I began picking up speed through some of the chopped up sections in the middle. While I wouldn’t call the skis unstable, it was obvious that the construction of the skis wasn’t targeted towards high speed crud (Although, I'll admit that this opinion might be a bit jaded, as I'd just finished ripping the K2 Rictor 82 XTi's- one of the best frontside skis I've ever been on). Still trying to find the real identity of the ski, I decided to pop off a little side hit that I saw up ahead of me. It was nothing major, maybe a 5 foot gap that used the back of a mogul as a landing. It was enough though. Upon landing back into the man-made moguls, I felt the skis smoothly and securely below me, and I knew what these skis were for.

On my next run, I opted for a trail that would let me get into the woods, had a suitable amount of drops and side hits, and didn’t require top speeds. It was a great choice. After noticing that the Nordica NRGY 100’s provided a super stable landing platform, adequate carving capabilities, and excellent pop, I knew how the skis wanted to be skied. This time, I tracked down a small cliff that I knew of, and let the skis do their thing. Sure enough, the experience confirmed what I expected- the NRGY 100’s had enough pop to get me to my landing, which was a smooth, stable experience. I finished out the run (and a couple others), before moving on to the next demo of the day: the 2015 K2 Shreditor 112.

The 2015 Nordica NRGY 100 is the SUV of Skiing: Cliff Drop

Yes, that's a cliff drop onto a trail. And no, neither the Nordica NRGY 100's or I hesitated before sending it.

Overall, I would compare the 2015 Nordica NRGY 100 to an SUV. Like an SUV, these skis are big bodied and powerful. Small bumps in the road (or, trail), mean nothing and the ride is extremely smooth and stable. Skiing on the NRGY 100’s is an empowering feeling- you don’t need to swerve around things, you just power over them. Also like an SUV, these skis might struggle to maintain stability when you go full throttle. But, that’s not what they’re meant to do. What they’re meant for is ruthlessly dominating everything on the mountain. Powder lines? Check. Cliff Drops? Check. Trail side bumps and jumps? With ease.

The bottom line is this: If you’re the type of skier who can’t help himself from jumping off side hits and moguls, laying down long carves, and seeking out powder in the woods or beside a trail, then the 2015 Nordica NRGY 100 is an excellent ski that promises to handle everything that you can. If you’re looking for a ski that you can hoist above your head after a first place finish - Bode Miller style - then you’re probably looking in the wrong place.


Written by Matt McGinnis on 2/16/15