2016 DPS Wailer 105 Hybrid T2 Skis: All Mountain Power // Product Highlight

2016 DPS Wailer 105 Hybrid T2 Skis: All Mountain Power - Lead Image

Image: DPS'S Facebook Page. Photo Credit: @miguelledda Skier: Claudio Iglesias

Here at SkiEssentials.com we’re proud to announce that we are now officially a DPS skis dealer! To celebrate our new brand we thought we’d take a closer look at one of the first skis we have available from them, the DPS Wailer 105 Hybrid T2. In a nut shell, the Wailer 105 Hybrid T2 is an extremely versatile all mountain ski designed to charge anything from frontside groomers to fresh powder and everything in between.

If you’re unfamiliar with DPS skis, the first thing you need to learn is that DPS offers multiple different shapes in multiple different constructions. For example, the Wailer 105 is available in both their Pure 3 Carbon and Nano construction as well as the Hybrid T2 construction that we’re looking at here. The second thing you need to know about DPS is that their skis are designed and produced with exceptional quality in their factory located in the Wasatch Front in Utah. At first glance, that’s a lot to like. We’re a big fan of skis made in the USA and we’re an even bigger fan of companies who accept the fact that every skier is different and do their best to cater to a seemingly endless list of skier demands.

2016 DPS Wailer 105 Hybrid T2 Skis: All Mountain Power - Ski Specs

The Hybrid T2 construction that we’re looking at in this ski is essentially DPS’s take on “classic” ski construction. It uses traditional materials like a poplar wood core, triaxal fiberglass laminates, and two sheets of titanal. DPS, however, adds carbon fiber stringers and graphite race bases to really add an extra touch of performance to this classic ski mock up. It also comes in at a price that’s a little lower than some of their other constructions, netting you some extra disposable income for more gear! For a ski that’s made in the USA that features two sheets of titanal their sub-$1000 price is actually quite impressive.

The Wailer 105 is a work horse of a ski. It’s easiest to categorize the ski in two ways. For those who live in very snowy climates the Wailer 105 is a great daily driver. Its design excels in both frontside conditions and in softer snow for those who want to do a little bit of everything in one day. For those of us in less snowy climates, the Wailer 105 could make a great designated powder ski. The 105mm waist provides plenty of float for most of us east coasters and on really firm groomer days, we’re reaching for narrower skis anyways.

2016 DPS Wailer 105 Hybrid T2 Skis: All Mountain Power - Hybrid T2 Construction

Regardless of where you ski mostly, the Wailer 105, and especially in the Hybrid T2 construction, is targeted towards aggressive skiers who prefer a flat tail that will complete a turn very powerfully. The T2 construction is heavier and has much damper characteristics than other DPS constructions. For skiers who like to open it up through variable conditions this version of the Wailer 105 is a great choice. It feels powerful, damp, and smooth and the relatively long turn radius helps keep them from hooking and grabbing when you don’t want them too, adding a bit of forgiveness for high speed skiing. The flex of the Wailer 105 is relatively stiff, especially through the shovel. Other skis in this category have a bit of a softer tip, which generally makes a ski slightly more forgiving, but the stiffness and tip rocker profile on the Wailer 105 is a big reason why it feels so stable and powerful and the skis don’t feel overpowering by any means.

The Wailer 105 in the Hybrid T2 construction is moving away from what DPS is most known for: lightweight backcountry skis. We’ve always been a big fan of their shapes and company ideals, and with the addition of the Hybrid T2 construction we’re happy to see the company diversifying a little bit to a point where more skiers can enjoy their products. Next season DPS is releasing a new “Foundation” construction, which will be the least expensive mockup of their skis.

So, in summary, if you’re an aggressive skier looking for a daily driver for both sides of the rope, definitely take a closer look at the Wailer 105. For those living in climates that don’t consistently have soft snow, the Wailer 105 can easily be a designated powder ski. It’s important to remember, however, that with two sheets of metal and a relatively flat, powerful tail, the Wailer 105 is best suited for aggressive, powerful skiers. Less aggressive skiers or those looking for a lightweight AT ski should check out the Wailer 105 in DPS’s Pure3 construction. The Pure3 is what DPS is perhaps best known for. It’s an exceptionally light weight construction style that is 30% lighter and 30% more powerful than conventional constructions. What the Pure3 construction doesn’t get you, however, is the dampness and overall quiet nature of the Hybrid T2 construction, which is why we’re more than confident recommending the Hybrid T2 to aggressive, fast skiers who don’t want their skis to deflect in firm snow and variable conditions.

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Written by on 1/27/16