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As you probably already know, last season Nordica announced a redesigned version of their Enforcer skis. The redesigned ski is a 100mm waist all mountain ski that has been met with rave reviews from practically every gear review and ski publication on the planet, including the highest praise and the title of 2016 Ski of the Year from Skiing Magazine. Here at the SkiEssentials.com offices we have multiple staff members who jumped on the chance to pick up a 2016 Enforcer and all of them have been absolutely loving the new ski. In fact, the Enforcer has been so popular this season Nordica sold out well before Christmas.

With the impressive success of the 2016 Enforcer and it’s unbelievable performance on snow, Nordica has given us another ski to be excited about for 2017, the Enforcer 93. A quick glance at the Enforcer 93 suggests it’s very similar to its bigger brother, and that’s because it is. You’ll notice the same overall shape: camber under foot with a low rise rockered tip and tail that are blunted at the nose. Sidecut dimensions are also essentially the same, although obviously narrower across the board. Turn radii are identical to the wider Enforcer (possibly to be referred to as the Enforcer 100 in the future? Hint, hint, we may see another addition to this line) across the four length options. As soon as Nordica announced the new ski there was serious buzz in the ski industry with everyone anxiously waiting to try a pair. We are lucky enough to have a few demos of the new 2017 Enforcer 93 available at our physical store in Stowe, VT, Pinnacle Ski and Sports. The SkiEssentials.com crew snagged a couple pairs and went out for some product testing at Stowe Mountain Resort this week and are excited to share our experiences.

From a distance the new Nordica Enforcer 93 Ski looks like it might as well be a regular Enforcer, but the 7mm difference in width makes a bigger difference than your eyes lead you to believe. But first, before we talk about the major differences, let’s look at some more similarities. The Enforcer 93 really does retain a lot of the characteristics that have made the wider Enforcer so popular. It’s has an incredible combination of power, dampness, and playfulness and is an unbelievably versatile ski. We had received about 2 inches of heavy snow overnight when we took out the Enforcer 93 and were able to put it to the test both on and off-piste. In variable off-piste terrain the Enforcer 93 acts a lot like the wider Enforcer. It’s smooth and damp, yet has a nice even, supple flex and is exceptionally forgiving for a ski with two sheets of metal in its construction. Despite having very minimal tail rocker, it’s incredibly easy to release your edges and get the ski to make a pivoting, “slarvy” turn. There really aren’t many other skis that have such a playful nature with this much metal in the ski. Nordica accomplished an impressive feat once again with the Enforcer 93 as it doesn’t even feel like it has metal until you actually need it.

2017 Nordica Enforcer 93 Ski Review: Powerful, Versatile, Skiable: Ski Specs

In the two inches of fresh snow we were skiing, none of us felt like we needed to be on the wider Enforcer. In fact, most of us were having so much fun on the Enforcer 93 it sparked the never ending conversation of, “maybe we’re all skiing skis too wide?” The 93mm width provides plenty of float for typical east coast “powder” days. Sure, if we got 6-8 inches or more, we’d probably want something wider, but in that situation most of our staff is reaching for skis in the 110mm+ waist category anyways. If you’re thinking about picking up one of the Enforcers, but are hesitant about the 93’s ability in soft snow, don’t be. The blunt tip shape (also found on the Enforcer 100) is supple and catch-free and really allows for smooth, controlled skiing in soft snow, even if you’re sinking in a little.

2017 Nordica Enforcer 93 Ski Review: Powerful, Versatile, Skiable: Playful AIr

Despite having two layers of metal, the 2017 Nordica Enforcer 93 can be an incredibly playful ski.

Ok, so how does the 2017 Nordica Enforcer 93 do on-piste? Well, you’re in for a treat. It’s awesome. We don’t want to take anything away from how well this ski performs off-piste, but we were all psyched about its high performance on firm snow. The Enforcer 100 skis groomers very well for a ski its width and can carve some powerful turns, but if we were to make any critique towards its performance on-piste it would be that it’s not exceptionally quick edge to edge. Even though the 93mm waist is really not that much narrower, it makes a big difference in the skis performance on firm snow. We immediately noticed the Enforcer 93 is much quicker edge to edge resulting in a much snappier, responsive feel. For some reason, even though the turn radius is identical to the wider ski, we felt like we were all making shorter, tighter carving turns than on the Enforcer 100.

We also need to mention once again how great the tip design is on these Enforcer 93. The blunt tip shape and low rise tip rocker make for super easy turn initiation. It’s almost too easy, but no, that’s impossible. All you really have to do to get the Enforcer 93 to initiate a carving turn is just roll your ankles over. The tip progressively starts initiating a turn based on how steep your edge angle is. It’s really a pretty incredible feeling. None of us can remember skiing something that’s so easy to ski, but still performs like an expert ski. It’s really quite impressive. It’s like having an automatic Hyundai that happens to drive like a Ferrari. It initiates turns so easily at first some of our testers felt like it was going to be kind of mellow on groomers, but the harder you push the Enforcer 93, the harder it pushes back.

What’s our overall impression of the Enforcer 93? It’s an awesome addition to the Nordica line. Some might say it’s too close to the Enforcer 100, but we disagree. For east coast skiers we think the Enforcer 93 is going to be the go-to daily driver in the Nordica lineup. Even for western skiers who spend most of their time on groomed terrain, the Enforcer 93 is more appropriate than its bigger brother. If you’re the type of skier that’s constantly seeking out soft snow and off-piste terrain, stick with the Enforcer 100, but if you want something that’s a little snappier and more responsive on the groomers, go with the Enforcer 93. Because it’s relatively easy to ski if you happen to be in between sizes, go with the longer length. Our main testers on the Enforcer 93 were 5’10” 150 lbs and 6’5” 200 lbs and both of them have decided they would prefer the 185 and 193cm length respectively.

Nordica did a mid-season release of the Nordica Enforcer 93 and SkiEssentials.com already has them available for purchase. As mentioned above, if you’re in the Stowe area, we also have demos available at our physical store, Pinnacle Ski and Sports. Okay, now grab a pair of Nordica Enforcer 93s, get out there, and start Enforcing!

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Written by on 2/24/16