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2017 Nordica Mens Ski Overview: New Faces and Old Favorites: Lead IMG

There’s a lot of buzz here at the SkiEssentials.com warehouse as we receive more and more of our 2017 inventory. There are a lot of exciting new products this season and as they arrive we can hardly wait to get out hands on them. In fact, we’re all so excited about winter, we decided to run a Dreaming of Winter photo contest! What’s the prize for that contest you might ask? Well, recently we received all our 2017 skis from Nordica, so we decided to give away a pair of Enforcer 93 skis and Speedmachine 130 boots, and also thought it would be a good time to take a look at their lineup for 2017.

Nordica has been manufacturing some impressive skis over the past few seasons. Although they once were somewhat on the outskirts of popular ski brands and models, recent innovations, new technologies, and the resurgence of some of their favorite ski models have put them right smack in the focus of the average ski consumer, with some of their models receiving top honors like Ski of the Year. We’ll run through their ski collection and highlight what’s new, what we’re excited to see unchanged, and how Nordica continues to innovate. In order to give each ski the attention it deserves, we’ll be splitting this into two articles, one for men, one for women. First up we’ll take a look at the men’s side of things with the women’s overview coming next week.

Nordica has a brand new “All Mountain Performance” collection, which is really more of a frontside carving collection, called GT. These skis use a titanal torsion bridge that we first saw in Nordica’s NRGY series (see below) that provides awesome torsional stiffness and the dampening benefits of metal without adding excessive weight. All too often high performance frontside carving skis are so heavy they’re not actually that fun to ski. The GT collection is a fantastic combination of power and weight savings resulting in effortless carving with a ton of energy and edge grip. We’ll be spending a lot more time on these skis this season and will be doing some in depth reviews of the GT series. There is a wide range of skis within the GT series of skis, from the GT 84 TI EVO all the way down to the more beginner/intermediate oriented GT 75 EVO. We’re most excited about the GT 80 TI EVO, which boasts all the top technology and features of the GT series like double Energy 2 Titanium Torsion Bridges in a 80mm waist width. Snappy, quick performance is what we look for in a frontside ski, and that’s what the GT 80 TI EVO delivers.

2017 Nordica Mens Ski Overview: New Faces and Old Favorites: New Nordica GT Skis

Nordica's 2017 GT 80 Ti EVO skis and 2017 GT 75 EVO Skis.

Next we have the NRGY collection, which is unchanged for 2017 structurally, but did get a subtle graphics update. The NRGY collection is where the Torsion Bridge technology was first introduced and is made of a versatile all mountain skis. The concept of the NRGY series, whether it’s the 85, 90, or 100, is that you get a wide range of performance attributes and ultimately end up with a ski you can take anywhere. Just like the GT series, the Titanal Torsion Bridge gives the ski awesome torsional stiffness for powerful, energetic carving turns on firm snow, but is so much lighter than a ski with a full sheet of metal. When you combine the lightweight nature of the NRGY skis with their tapered tip shapes and rocker profiles you get a ski that also handles bumps, crud, tress, or even powder quite well. So if you’re the type of skier who likes to retain the ability to make powerful carving turns on groomers, but wants enough versatility to explore the whole mountain, the NRGY series could be for you. The NRGY 100, being the widest, is obviously best suited for soft snow use, while the NRGY 85 leans more toward groomer cruising.

2017 Nordica Mens Ski Overview: New Faces and Old Favorites: NRGY Series

Nordica's 2017 NRGY 100 skis,2017 NRGY 90 Skis, and 2017 NRGY 85 Skis.

Now, there’s some cross over in Nordica’s ski collection, and specifically in their all mountain skis. By crossover we mean the widths found in the NRGY series crossover into the Freeski series we’re about to talk about. The simplest way to think of it is the NRGY collection is a little bit more targeted towards use on firm snow, where the Freeski collection focuses more on off-piste performance even though some of the models are certainly no slouch on groomers.

We mentioned earlier that Nordica has received prestigious awards like Ski of the Year from Ski Magazine. That ski was the 2016 Nordica Enforcer, which brought back a name that Nordica fans fondly remember, but in a completely updated shape and constrcution. The Enforcer is the bread and butter of the Freeski series and is an absolute ripper of an all mountain ski and is completely unchanged for 2017. Its 100mm underfoot, has a full poplar/beech wood core, and two sheets of titanal. It’s camber/rocker profile and “Hammerhead” tip shape are mind-blowingly user-friendly resulting in a ski that performs so incredibly well, but is relatively easy to ski compared to other metal all mountain skis. There’s really no wonder why it gained such high praise this past season. If you haven’t skied one, you should try it. Those of us on the east, although we loved the Enforcer, were itching for the same thing in a slightly narrower waist, and Nordica gave it to us: the Enforcer 93. We did a pretty in depth review of the Enforcer 93 back in the winter, so give it a read if you’re wondering what we thought of the differences. Hint: It’s awesome. We also have a full review of the 2016 Enforcer, which is structurally unchanged for 2017.

2017 Nordica Mens Ski Overview: New Faces and Old Favorites: Freeride Series

The 2017 Nordica Enforcer Ski, 2017 Nordica Enforcer 93 Ski, 2017 Nordica Soul Rider Ski, and 2017 Nordica Soul Rider 87 Ski.

In addition to the Enforcer and Enforcer 93, the Freeski series also is home to the Patron, Nordica’s full on powder ski, as well as the Soul Rider and brand new Soul Rider 87. The Soul Rider, which is based off the Patron, is a ski that has flown under the radar ever so slightly due to the attention the Enforcer has received. For those who don’t want a ski with two sheets of metal, but still want really good off-piste performance, the Soul Rider is absolutely a ski you should consider. Camber under foot, tip and tail rocker, and a relatively soft flex at the tips, but solid platform underfoot result in a playful, super-fun all mountain ski that a wide range of skiers will love. We see a lot of park skiers enjoying the Soul Rider, but also a lot of all mountain skiers who don’t like having metal in their skis. The Soul Rider will makes slashing, slarving, pivoting turns a little bit easier than the Enforcer due to its increased tail rocker and overall lighter weight. Brand new for 2017 is the Soul Rider 87, which drops 10mm from the waist width really making it more suited as a park ski, but could still be used as a versatile, forgiving all mountain ski due to the tip and tail rocker and full wood core. Both Soul Rider models also use two sheets of carbon over the edges helping to provide edge grip and stability for those days when you decide just to rip around on groomers.

As you can probably see, the men’s Nordica collection for 2017 really has something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a frontside carving ski, a versatile all mountain ski, or more of a freeride ski, Nordica has it. Remember to check out our Dreaming of Winter Photo Contest where you could win a pair of 2017 Nordica Enforcer 93 skis and 2017 Nordica Speedmachine 130 boots. And don’t forget to check back to the Chairlift Chat blog next week when we take a look at the women’s side of the Nordica ski collection.

2017 Nordica Mens Ski Overview: New Faces and Old Favorites: Buy Now IMG


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