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The Cochise is one of Blizzard’s staple all-mountain freeride skis. They are 108mm underfoot and have a rocker-camber-rocker profile. The Cochise use Blizzard’s Carbon Flipcore technology (carbon fiber tips and tails) combined with a poplar wood core and two sheets of metal (titanal). This construction reduces swing weight while still maintaining stability and stiffness. The rocker is just enough to add some float without taking away from the edge and turning performance. The turn radius is 27m in the 185cm length. All of this leads to a hard-charging, stable, and demanding ski that can handle all conditions.

The Cochise is an all-mountain freeride ski that has the feel and edge performance of a race ski. It's a very versatile, do-it-all ski for any expert advanced/skier at a big mountain resort. When there is fresh or choppy snow, this ski excels. The rocker combined with 108mm underfoot allows the ski to float, while the stiffness and rigidity drive this ski through chop without major deflection. It blows through crud and cut up snow like a hot knife through butter.

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Because this ski has a more traditional shape and construction, it has great edge performance. The traditional camber underfoot helps the ski hold on firm snow. Additionally, even though the Cochise waist width is 108mm, it tracks well when making a large GS type turn because of its great torsional stiffness. With regards to shorter turns, the Cochise do have a larger radius (27m at 185cm) so short edge-to-edge turns take some effort, but the Cochise have no problem with swing turns. The tip and tail rocker along with the lower swing weight, due to the carbon tip and tail, allow the ski to come around. With all that said, this ski is at home when being driven, skied at a fast pace, and making larger turns. If you are looking for a ski that has a tighter turning radius, the Blizzard Bonafide might be what you are looking for instead.

On 99% of powder days, the Cochise has the waist and tip width to provide the float needed to have fun all day long. The slight tip rocker helps keep the ski from diving into deep snow. With that said, the Cochise don’t make ultra smeary turns in powder. They still want to maintain their longer turn radius and be driven through the snow because of their stiffness. This is excellent if you are looking to maintain speed and ski direct lines in the deep snow.

If you’re the type of skier that makes powerful turns, wants a stiff ski, or needs a big mountain resort one-ski quiver, the Blizzard Cochise could be the perfect ski for you. Additionally, it would be best to match the Cochise with a stiff boot, so the ski can be driven effectively and used to its full capabilities. If you are looking for something more playful or you consider yourself a less aggressive skier, you might want to check out the Rustler 10 or 11. The Rustler lineup still has metal to provide stability, but the metal is mainly located underfoot to provide a softer tip and tail.

To summarize, this ski will lay trenches on groomers, blast through crud, and float on deep pow days. The Cochise isn’t designed to be super playful because it is built for charging all types of terrain at high speeds. These are the primary reasons why so many strong and experienced skiers choose this ski as their daily driver and one-ski quiver.

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Written by on 12/20/18