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Anytime we pick up a new brand here at we like to take the time to highlight it and share our excitement. For this 2017/18 ski season we have added a new ski brand, Armada. Armada is a company that’s dedicated to pushing the sport of skiing and their innovations and product developments are driven by athlete demands. Not only is it an athlete driven company, it’s also historically an athlete owned company. We’re excited to add Armada to our always growing list of brands and we think they fit in nicely with our existing options thanks to their relatively unique history and influences from freeride skiing.

When Armada was first introduced to the ski world it marked a new approach to developing skis. In the early 2000’s freeskiing was starting to make waves in the industry. Slopestyle park skiing and backcountry freeride were starting to move from obscurity to a driving force within the industry. While most ski companies remained rooted in alpine ski racing and either produced relatively basic freeride and terrain park skis, or didn’t make them at all. Five skiers and a photographer who were all at the center of this new skiing discipline banded together to create a brand that would create skis designed and constructed specifically for their unique set of demands. If you’re familiar with the history of freeskiing, you’re familiar with these names: JP Auclair, Tanner Hall, JF Cusson, Julien Regnier, Boyd Easley, and Chris O’Connell. They developed the brand with the simple business strategy and moto of “Armada. What skiing will become.” In the early years their skis were all twin tip designs and since then Armada has helped push new designs and shapes across a wide variety of disciplines within the sport. We’re very excited to be able to offer Armada to our customers, and while we don’t have every ski they make available on, we have some great options for adventurous freeride all mountain skiers.

2018 Armada Tracer 98 Skis:

The Tracer 98 is a new ski for Armada and offers versatile all mountain performance for a wide range of skiers. This is a great example of Armada’s latest selection of skis. Gone are the days where their skis are only rooted in park skiing and backcountry freeride. As avid Armada fans and skiers devoted to the brand have grown older, so too have Armada’s ski collection expanded to include new shapes and concepts. The Tracer 98 is a high performance all mountain ski that blends a lightweight feel with stability and power. This is thanks to Armada’s Hybrid Ultra-Lite Core, Carbon Fiber Laminates, and their Xrystal Mesh which is a grid of Innegra throughout the ski. Carbon provides greater torsional stiffness and responsiveness while the Innegra adds in some durability, dampening properties, and is known to dissipate a ton of energy, which helps the ski smooth out sudden impacts. With its 98 mm waist width, All Mountain Rocker, and slight early taper the Tracer 98 is an incredibly versatile all mountain ski that’s even light enough for AT use.

Armada Skis Brand Highlight and Product Overview: Tracer 98 Ski Overview

See how the 2018 Armada Tracer 98 fared in our first annual ski test!

2018 Armada Invictus 108 Ti Skis:

The Invictus 108 Ti is a powerful freeride ski that’s designed for hard charging skiers who want more of a directional ski. Both the Tracer 98 and Invictus 108 Ti are great examples of the somewhat new feel we’re seeing from Armada these days. In their early years directional oriented skis were nowhere to be found, but these days Armada makes a lot more than just twin tip park skis. The Invictus 108 Ti has been updated for the 2018 season and is lighter than it has been previously, but still retains the powerful, super stable performance it’s known for. The Invictus 108 Ti only uses tip rocker with full camber through the tail. This gives it excellent stability, especially when combined with the 108 mm width and the ski’s titanal laminates. For skiers who like to charge at high speeds through off piste terrain and varying snow conditions this ski has the performance you need. You could even compete in pro level big mountain competitions on this bad boy. It’s that burly, but the new lighter weight makes it a little more accessible and user-friendly for us mortal, non-super-pro skiers.

Armada Skis Brand Highlight and Product Overview: Invictus 108 Ti Ski Overview

See how the 2018 Armada Invictus 108 Ti fared in our first annual ski test!

2018 Armada Victa 93 Women's Skis:

The Victa 93 is the sole women’s ski from Armada that you’ll find on, at least for now. The Victa 93 is designed for fun all mountain performance and use across the entire mountain. It’s an exceptionally versatile ski thanks to its 93 mm waist width, relative light weight, and tip rocker profile. Women who like to ski the whole mountain without worrying about whether they’re on the right pair of skis will gravitate towards the Victa 93. The Power Lite Core with Carbon-Kevlar “Strut” reinforcement allows for relatively aggressive skiing, while keeping the weight and overall fatigue levels during a long day of skiing at a minimum. It will carve turns on groomers and hold an edge impressively while, but can also be taken into off-piste terrain where it also excels. Any women looking for a fun, versatile all mountain ski should have an Armada Victa 93 on their list of considerations.

Armada Skis Brand Highlight and Product Overview: Victa 93 Ski Overview

2018 Armada ARV 84 Junior Skis:

The fourth ski you’ll find on from Armada Skis is the ARV 84. The ARV 84 is a nice nod to the history of Armada skis. The “AR” notation has been seen throughout the history of Armada. Remember the AR5? The AR5 was one of the first ever dedicated twin tip park skis and arguably the highest performing out of all options back in the early 2000s. Today Armada still makes a series of park skis and they still get “AR” in their title as an homage to the skis that started it all. The ARV 84 is a junior twin tip park ski that’s designed to offer young skiers a user-friendly, somewhat entry-level park ski. Instead of vertical sidewalls this ski uses cap construction. Cap construction makes it lighter, makes turn initiation a little easier, and also makes the ski more durable over extended use. It’s not a symmetrical park ski, which means it will also work really well as an all mountain ski for young skiers. Junior skiers definitely don’t have to be dedicated park skiers to enjoy the performance of the ARV 84, it’s just a fun ski to take across the whole mountain.

Armada Skis Brand Highlight and Product Overview: ARV 84 Ski Overview

For now these are the four skis from Armada that you’ll find on We say “for now” because we expect the relationship between and Armada to grow through coming years. If you’re a fan of Armada and don’t see the ski you’re looking for on our site leave a comment on this article or contact our customer service department and let us know what Armada ski you think we should add to our selection. With such a vast range of skis in the 2018 Armada collection there’s really something for everyone. Considering our moto here at is “Gear For Skiers By Skiers” and Armada is an athlete-driven company we think it’s going to be a great match for years and years to come.

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