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11 Ski Movies to Get Excited About: Lead Image

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We had such a good time putting together our 2016 Ski Film Guide last year, that we’ve decided to bring it back again for a second year! As devote skiers, you likely see fall as the unofficial start of ski season. Sure, there’s no snow on the ground to actually ski on, but it’s the time of year when we’re inundated with an incredible amount of ski footage to ooh, ahh, and drool over. To be certain, there was once a time when we were blessed with films from just a handful of ski production companies, making it easy to take in all of the best moments from the previous ski season. These days though, each fall brings an overwhelming number of ski films from a wide range of production companies and “production companies” alike. To help you sort through the madness, and to prevent you from wasting 45 minutes of your life thinking “it’ll probably get better, the description says Jerry has a segment,” we’ve selflessly taken our time to compile a list of eleven new ski films for you to get excited about. Enjoy!

Matchstick Productions – Drop Everything

Why We're Excited: After a couple seasons of more documentary-style movies from Matchstick Productions we’re excited to see the company get back to their roots: awe-inspiring, jaw-dropping skiing footage. In fact, if you watch the trailer, it’s obvious Matchstick is poking a little bit of fun at themselves after receiving some mixed reactions to their last two movies. 300% more send, not sand; we really don’t want any more sand. In all seriousness, Matchstick is one of the companies that helped pioneer the current world of ski movies and we’re always excited to see what they’ve been up to.

Who To Watch For: A guest appearance from JT Holmes is enough to get us excited, but Matchstick Productions has an incredible lineup of athletes in just about all of their movies. Mark Abma is someone to watch for as his increasing age certainly doesn’t seem to have slowed him down. We’re also excited to see what Sammy Carlson and Tanner Rainville have been up to as they always ski with their signature styles and an incredibly playful feel.

Teton Gravity Research – Rogue Elements

Why We're Excited: “Rogue Elements” looks to celebrate a wild, uncontrollable, whimsical Mother Nature that provides us with the terrain and elements that make for unbelievable skiing. TGR movies typically offer something for every skier. There will be epic backcountry skiing, there will be freestyle inspired urban skiing, and literally everything in between. TGR also does a great job portraying the lifestyle and the challenges laid in front of professional skiers while working to create these movies.

Who To Watch For: There’s a wide range of talent in “Rogue Elements.” Angel Collinson has been turning heads in recent years and has been skiing terrain and lines that rival top male freeskiers. Tim Durtschi is a safe bet for doing something crazy (we’re guessing some huge backcountry airs). Sean Jordan, Cam Riley, and Clayton Vila bring a new school flavor that will really round out the movie nicely in our opinion.

Level 1 Productions – Habit

Why We're Excited: Level 1 Productions has been pushing the boundaries of ski movie production for 18 years now. They have a ton of experience producing ski films and “Habit” looks to carry on their traditions and themes. You can always expect something a little different from Level 1. There will be epic backcountry footage, there will be insane tricks on park jumps, and there will be creative, innovative urban skiing; those aspects are prevalent in all their movies. There will also be plenty of moments that make you say “what?!” or “that’s not possible.” While we can’t predict what they’ll be, those are the moments we look forward to most from Level 1.

Who To Watch For: Level 1 Productions regulars like Will Wesson, LJ Strenio, and Ahmet Dadali will certainly lay down some crazy tech, crazy risks, and crazy style respectively. We’re excited to see what Noah Albaladejo, Khai Krepala, and Keegan Kilbride bring to the table for “Habit” as each of those three skiers is on the forefront of progression in freeskiing right now.

The Big Picture – Lite Years

Why We're Excited: These boys know how to ski and know how to have fun! This Rossignol-produced movie revolves around the backcountry freeride missions of their team athletes and their friends. We expect to see a whole slew of impressive skiing in remote zones and through crazy terrain. The Big Picture guys are known for throwing massive tricks off of big, challenging jumps deep in the backcountry and we expect this movie to continue that trend.

Who To Watch For: The most obvious skiers to look out for are the two that are responsible for this series from Rossignol existing in the first place: Chris Logan and Parker White. Those two lead freeskiing development over at Rossignol and we expect to see a lot of footage of them skiing the elusive Black Ops powder skis. We’re also excited to see what Duncan Adams and Tanner Rainville have to offer here, partly because they both learned to ski at our home mountain of Stowe, but also just because they are ripping skiers with unique style.

Blank Collective – Bearings

Why We're Excited: If the trailer is any indication this movie is going to be pretty heavy. The soundtrack and some of the shots they tease us with are leaving us anxious to see more. Gapping over snowmobiles, skiing some of the steepest terrain we’ve seen, and throwing tricks of natural features in the backcountry is apparently what this movie is all about. Salomon is the title sponsor and if you’re familiar with Salomon Freeski you’ll know they’re very committed to pushing the sport and we expect this movie to follow that theme.

Who To Watch For: Salomon doesn’t give us a list of athletes in the trailer for the movie, but we expect there’s going to be plenty of Cody Townsend shenanigans. We’d love to see some skiing from Mike Douglas and it sure would be cool to see what happens when you throw skiers like Bobby Brown, Vincent Gagnier, and James Woods into backcountry situations, but I suppose we’ll have to wait and see what the movie provides.

Good Company – Guest List

Why We're Excited: Ice skating! Not really, but we do love the opening shot of the trailer. Good Company is becoming known for creative, innovative ski movies filled with incredible talent. It’s kind of like a hand-selected group of like-minded athletes and the results are incredible. A lot of these guys were once on the leading edge of progression in park and urban skiing and now are combining experience with unmatched style. This movie will be packed full of impressive tricks in the backcountry, on cookie cutter park jumps, and in urban environments.

Who To Watch For: How about everyone? Truth be told every single person in the movie is one of the best freeskiers in the world right now. Of course you need to look out for Tom Wallisch, as Good Company wouldn’t exist as a company without him and he’s still one of the most stylish, technical skiers you’ll find. From the looks of the trailer everyone absolutely throws down, although we’re very excited to see what looks like a cork 810 disaster from Tim McChesney and we’re excited to see Ethan Swadburg added to their impressive list of skiers.

Legs of Steel – Same Difference

Why We're Excited: Legs of Steel is produced in collaboration with Red Bull Media House. That should be enough to get anyone excited as they have some of the best production value and cinematography in the industry. This movie celebrates all aspects of skiing. From alpine racing to one of the biggest terrain park jumps every built (or possibly the biggest… we’ll have to wait and see) this movie is going to be another that has something for every type of skier. The theme of the movie is that throughout all the differences between different aspects of the sport when it comes down to it, it’s all just skiing.

Who To Watch For: Alpine race legend Felix Neureuther will add a unique feel to this movie and we’re really excited to see some alpine ski racing shot and produced by Red Bull. So many ski movies are just dominated by powder skiing and backcountry terrain, but some cool 4K slow motion ski racing shots should be breathtaking. We’re very excited to see Paddy Graham and Bene Mayr attempt to get some of the biggest air in the history of skiing. Overall we think this is going to be another great film from Legs of Steel.

Tanner Hall – Triumph

Why We're Excited: I mean, it’s Tanner Hall… How could you not get excited about seeing one of the greatest of all time ski? To top it off Tanner says this was one of his greatest seasons ever, which is saying a lot considering all of his accomplishments over the year. We love that Tanner seems to be going back to his roots. He mentions skiing in Utah and it bringing back feeling and memories of skiing with CR Johnson and Skogan Sprang and he also mentions he’s getting better, which is honestly a scary thought because Tanner is already absolutely incredible to watch on skis.

Who To Watch For: Well, this is an easy one… watch for Tanner. That being said there will also be some great footage from Tanner’s closest buddies: Pat Goodnough and John Spriggs. Honestly there could be an hour long movie that was just footage of Tanner and we’d still be excited to see it, but it’ll be nice to see what those two accomplished this past season as well. How about that double backflip over Chad’s Gap in the trailer? Seems like a pretty great way to conquer that beast, Tanner!

Warren Miller – Line of Descent

Why We're Excited: If it wasn’t for Warren Miller, ski movies wouldn’t be what they are today. The man himself and the business he created have paved the way for articles like this one celebrating 11 brand new movies. While other ski movies usually focus on creating visual stimulation through new tricks, new terrain, and incredibly inspiring skiing, Warren Miller typically follows more of a documentary style and tells a better story than most ski movies. While it’s not narrated by Warren Miller anymore, Johny Mosely is a very acceptable replacement.

Who To Watch For: The teaser shown here gets us pretty excited to see these K2 girls (Lexi DuPont, McKenna Peterson, and Amie Engerbretson) explore and make the most of their time in Val-d’Isere. Between the incredible skiing and the awesome atmosphere and lifestyle we think this is going to be a definite highlight of the film.

Skilluminati – ODA

Why We're Excited: If Warren Miller is apples, “Skilluminati” is oranges. We don’t expect there to be many similarities between the two, except that they’re both fruit. “Skilluminati” looks like it might not have a single shot from a ski area or a single shot from a mountain for that matter. It does, on the other hand, look like it’s filled with jaw-dropping urban skiing and skiers taking incredible risks. This looks like a movie that’s going to get your heart rate up and probably cause a little bit of anxiety because these kids look crazy.

Who To Watch For: New names from this European crew. We’re excited when ski movies come out without a slew of big names as most major production companies select skiers from a relatively small bunch, so there tends to be a fair amount of cross over from one company to another. In “Skilluminati” we doubt there will be any athletes that you’ll find in other films, making it truly unique.

Faction – This is Home

Why We're Excited: While we’re not a Faction dealer, that doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate the accomplishments and skill of their athletes. In fact, if you’re a fan of freeskiing, you’re a fan of Candide Thovex, easily the biggest name on the Faction team. Wait, we mean the biggest name in all of skiing. I guess that’s a toss up, but he’s definitely up there. We expect “This is Home” to be filled with incredible skiing from all their athletes across a range of terrain from backcountry zones to purpose-built park features and everything in between.

Who To Watch For: Candide, of course. He’s arguably the best freeskier of all time and always does something amazing when you point a camera at him. In addition to Candide we’re also really excited to see what Kelly Sildaru has been up to. Kelly is barely a teenager, but has been making her mark on the industry for years now. We typically only really get to see her in a competition environment, so it will be interesting to see what she accomplished for this film. Adam Delorme is another to watch for; his unique abilities on skis are mind-boggling.

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