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Want to Win Free Stuff? Answer our Community Ski Area Survey!

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So here's the deal. After our Chairlift Chat article, the Antelope Butte Foundation and the Mountain Rider's Alliance asked if we wanted to team up to put out a survey that would help us get a better understanding of just how important feeder hills are to the communities that they reside in. Being skiers first and foremost, the obvious answer was absolutely!

After a few weeks of discussion and collaboration, we're excited to launch our Community Ski Area Survey. In essence, the goal of our survey is to collect information about the lifelong "habits" of skiers. Through this collection of questions, we're hoping to put together enough data to help us see trends regarding where skiers grew up skiing, and where they've ended up. Alongside this information, we're also curious to see if there are any additional patterns between ideas like whether or not your age has anything to do with what amenities you expect to find at a resort.

At Skiessentials.com, we're excited to be a part of this survey. In all honesty, we don't know what type of answers we'll get from this survey, but we're excited to see what kinds of trends emerge by being able to compare the results from different questions. After the survey you should expect to see another Chairlift Chat article sharing the results and what we've learned about skiers. We're pretty excited for this, and think it should make for a pretty interesting read.

The most important ingredient in this whole project though, is you. Without enough responses, our sample size will be too small to gain enough meaningful data. Now, of course we don't expect you to take time out of your busy day to help us out of the pure kindness... so we decided to sweeten the deal a bit!

That's right, in order to encourage participation in our survey, the three survey sponsors (Mountain Rider's Alliance, Antelope Butte Foundation, and Skiessentials.com), have decided to chip in and provide three prizes to participants who tell us what their favorite skiing memory is. The prizes are:

First Place- A Free Pair of Skis from Skiessentials.com*

Second Place- 4 Free Lift Tickets to the Resort of Your Choice

Third Place- A Ski Apparel Grab Bag from Skiessentials.com**

In order to be eligible to win, make sure you fill out this survey, being sure to tell us your favorite skiing memory. The top three skiing memories that we receive will win prizes! Don't forget to include your E-mail address so we can contact you, and submit your entry by March 7, 2014 at Midnight!

So there you have it! We're excited to finally be able to make this survey public, and we can't wait to start collecting some answers! Whether you're interested in contributing to our research, or simply want a chance to win some great prizes, we encourage you to take five minutes and answer ten quick skiing-related questions.

Now, as always, get off the internet and get in the snow!

*In order to accomodate the second place winner, we're not going to choose which ski to give away yet. Upon selecting a winner, we will contact that person and discuss possible options to ensure that they receive an appropriate ski. Value of the ski is also to be determined, and is at the sole discretion of Skiessentials.com.

**It's the same deal for the winner of the apparel grab bag. In order to accomodate the winner, we will be getting in touch with them following the deadline to discuss options. Again, actual prize values and items are at the sole discretion of Skiessentials.com.


Written by on 2/27/14