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Everyone gets excited about new skis. The technological progression in our industry is definitely focused in the hard goods segment. The most obvious pieces of equipment to analyze and improve upon in the sport of skiing are the skis, boots, and bindings. After all, those are the tools you need to go skiing. But what about the rest of the gear? What about the products that are arguably just as important, but go relatively unnoticed compared to those flashy new 2017 skis in your mud room. What about… socks?

Well, to be frank, socks are incredibly important. If you’ve ever forgot your ski socks at home and skied an entire powder day in ankle cut, cotton socks, you’ll understand what I mean. When you shove your foot in a plastic ski boot and work your body to a sweat in below freezing temperatures some pretty nasty things can happen to your feet. Moisture wicking, circulation, padding, and overall comfort all come from your socks. It’s hard to ski your best when your feet are cold, wet, and miserable.

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Not all socks are created equal. A cotton sock off the rack at Walmart is not going to offer the same advantages as a performance merino wool athletic sock, which brings us to our focus of this article: Darn Tough Socks. Darn Tough is a sock specific manufacturer located in Northfield, VT and owned by Ric Cabot. In Vermont the Cabot name is often associated with fantastic cheeses, but it also the producer of some incredible socks.

Darn Tough Socks: The Last Socks You'll Ever Need: Summer Too

Darn Tough socks aren't just for skiing. They make a full line of hiking, summer, and casual socks as well!

Darn Tough has pioneered a lot of innovations within the sock industry, but perhaps the most notable aspect of their company is that they are 100% Made in USA. The Cabot Hosiery Mills building has been manufacturing socks since 1978. That’s almost 40 years of socks! With an existing mill at their disposal and vast knowledge and experience in the sock manufacturing industry, Ric started Darn Tough in 2004 with one goal in mind: producing the best possible socks the world has to offer. The statement on their website describes Ric’s mindset perfectly: “We’d rather not do it than not do it well. It’s what separates us from every other sock out there.”

That really is what separates Darn Tough from other sock companies, even other high end sock companies. Do you consider socks disposable? Probably, even if you don’t realize it. After a pair of socks has been through its fair share of adventures and starts to show signs of wear, what do you do with it? Probably throw it away. If you don’t, kudos to you for being sustainable, but we’d venture a guess that most old socks end up in the trash. Darn Tough, on the other hand, is the only sock company in the world to offer a lifetime warranty. We’ll refer to another quote on their website here: “If you can put a hole in our socks send them back to me personally and we’ll replace them free of charge.” When’s the last time you heard a sock company say that?!

So, lifetime warranty on socks. Sounds too good to be true… Is it all marketing hoopla or is it rooted in the actual quality of the socks? Or staff has been using Darn Tough socks throughout every season, every sport we participate in, through all types of weather conditions. Not a single one of us has ever sent back a pair of socks. Why? They’ve never worn out. How is that possible, you might ask? Darn Tough uses a manufacturing process and choice materials that combine to produce an incredibly durable sock. You can learn more about their process and technology on their website, but the key technologies include high density knitting, performance fits, merino wool materials, their proprietary Coolmax material, ribbed knitting, ribbed ankle support, elastic arch support, and more. The thought process, planning, and execution of their socks is impeccable, which is why we’re so proud to be a Darn Tough dealer offering an abundance of their socks.

So, by this point you’re probably wondering if you should replace all your socks with Darn Tough. Well, we certainly won’t tell you not to, that’s for sure. The lifetime warranty is almost too good to be true. Darn Tough prominently displays on their website that their lifetime guarantee has “No strings. No conditions. For life.” One thing we’d like to stress though, is that sock returns are done directly through Darn Tough, so please don’t send us your old socks. We’d just have to send them back to you, and let’s be honest, that’s not what anybody wants. If you do decide to replace all your socks with Darn Tough, you’ll be happy to know they offer a variety of different sock types including hike/trek, run, bike, ski/ride, lifestyle, hunting, and work socks.

We highly recommend everyone picks up at least one pair of Darn Tough socks to give them a try. With a lifetime unconditional guarantee, you literally have nothing to lose.

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Written by on 7/13/16