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We want to take a moment to thank everyone who submitted photos in our Dreaming of Winter photo contest. We had a blast watching all the submissions come in and are excited to share the winning photo, taking home a pair of Nordica Enforcer 93 skis and Speedmachine 130 ski boots, as well as 8 other photos that were among our favorite entries. If you’re one of these 8 additional photos that didn’t happen to take the top spot, you’ve been contacted by SkiEssentials as we have some consolation prizes we’d like to send your way!

  • Dreamin' of Winter Contest Winner #1

    Our winning photo! Mike and Annie went the extra mile (pun intended) and submitted three Dreaming of Winter photos with the same summer touring themes. We loved the creativity and extra effort they put into getting these shots. It really gave us a sense that they’re dreaming of winter out there in Colorado and their three entries actually earned the three highest scores of the entire contest, with this photo being the only entry that had an average score above 9 out of a possible 10. Great job Mike and Annie!!

  • Dreamin' of Winter Contest Winner #2

    This photo was submitted through Facebook by LeAnn Johnson. It earned one of the highest scores of the contest for its creativity, attention to detail, and strong overall theme. It was definitely one of the more literal dreaming of winter photos we received and we absolutely love the Moon Boot koozie and SkiEssentials.com sticker strategically worked into the photo.

  • Dreamin' of Winter Contest Winner #3

    Another photo submitted through Facebook, this one by Madalyn Johnson. This was one of the first entries into the contest and in our opinion really was the photo to beat for the majority of the duration of the contest and set the tone for other entries to come. We love that you actually built a little slope out of blankets and pillows, got all your race gear on and actually skied your bed. How were those turns? Snow conditions okay?

  • Dreamin' of Winter Contest Winner #4

    This photo was submitted through Instagram by @skiforsam. A few people went the route of photoshopped images for this contest, which we were actually psyched to see. All the photos that used some amount of photoshopping had great concepts and top notch creativity. We loved to see our own Instagram account being used in this entry, and I can literally remember the feeling from that turn in Whistler Blackcomb. Now I’m dreaming of winter while typing this…

  • Dreamin' of Winter Contest Winner #5

    This photo was submitted through Facebook by Jake Barney. There weren’t many people that were actually able to get on snow for their dreaming of winter shots, but we commend those that were able to! From what we can see in that photo it looks like some pretty gnarly terrain, especially in the summer where you don’t exactly have a long run out. Maybe next year we’ll have to do a video contest so we can see you ski that line!

  • Dreamin' of Winter Contest Winner #6

    This photo was submitted through Facebook by Dave Petersen. Dave was another who went the route of creative photoshopped images. Out of all of his entries, this one stood out as our favorite. We love the transition between summer and winter in the image itself and the Nordica Enforcer 93 being beamed down from the heavens. Great job, Dave, awesome creativity and concepts!

  • Dreamin' of Winter Contest Winner #7

    This photo was submitted through Instagram by @marcstrauss2 and was a part of a series of photos depicting him napping in the sun dreaming of being out on the slopes. We loved the concept behind these photos and they are another great example of some use of photoshop to enhance the concept of the photo. He also went the extra length to include our Dreaming of Winter font pulled directly from the contest page. Kudos on the creativity and we’re glad you got to work on your tan while dreaming of being on the slopes!

  • Dreamin' of Winter Contest Winner #8

    This photo was the very last entry and was submitted by Mike Shaughnessy through Facebook. Honestly, it looked like it could slip right in at the very end of the contest and take the win, but it was narrowly beat out by Mike and Annie’s winning photo. We love the humorous concept of this photo and how brilliantly it was staged. It looks like the youngster is having a blast too! Way to start him dreaming of winter young!

  • Dreamin' of Winter Contest Winner #9

    We want to give a special shout out to Kimberly Hill for submitting more photos than anyone else in the contest by a long shot! You clearly are dreaming of winter just as much as anyone else who entered and we commend you on your commitment to entering as many photos as possible! We love that you took the time to pull photos from last winter, stage current photos of you dreaming, and really tried to approach the contest from all angles. Well done, Kimberly!

And there you have it, a brief synopsis of some of our favorite photos in the Dreaming of Winter contest! We had a blast putting this contest together and you can rest assured we’ll be doing a similar contest at the end of next summer. Until then, you’ll have plenty of time to take actual skiing photos to submit in our SkiHappy photo contest! The SkiHappy contest happens in the middle of the winter over January and February, has more chances to win, and even bigger prizes! Keep checking back to SkiEssentials.com, our social media accounts, and make sure you’re signed up for our newsletter to learn more about the SkiHappy contest, receive unique discounts, the latest news, and so much more!


Written by on 9/28/16