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Perhaps the most underrated but essential tool of any skier or riders' gear arsenal, is a boot dryer. Why? Because wet boots on the slopes = COLD feet, and a shorter day on the hill! For anyone who has grimaced through a day of skiing in stiff, frigid boots (does "club foot" ring a bell?) or accidentally melted their boots attempting to dry them next to a roaring fire, a boot dryer is the solution to those painful and unfortunate events. Whether you need to dry wet, sweaty boots, or desire warm boots for that "fresh out of the dryer feeling," before you head out to the slopes, boot dryers do it all for everyday skiers and riders and weekend warriors alike. Easy to use, efficient, quick, portable, versatile, and so worth the investment. Boot dryers from DryGuy are what is missing from your gear closet.

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DryGuy Gear Guide: DryGuy Boot and Glove Dryer

DryGuy Boot and Glove Dryer:

Sometimes my schedule is so busy, balancing daily shred sessions and a full time job, that it's hard for me to find time to dry my boots and gloves. Luckily, I have the DryGuy Boot and Glove Dryer! It has four posts to simultaneously dry my boots and gloves, with an expedient forced air system that dries everything within an hour, and prevents a build up of stinky bacteria. Though I'm busy from dawn to dusk, my boots and gloves are always dry for tomorrow's agenda: face shots, not club foot and frostbite.
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DryGuy Gear Guide: TurboDry Boot and Shoe Warmer/Dryer

TurboDry Boot and Shoe Warmer/Dryer:

The TurboDry is perfect for skiers and riders looking for a portable and fast boot dryer. Using upgraded convection technology, DryGuy integrated a fan to circulate warm air through the boot, to cut drying time. The bonus? Equipped with a car charger adapter, you will never again experience the inevitable mountain-commute-boot-freeze!
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DryGuy Gear Guide: DryGuy Transporter

DryGuy Transporter:

The Transporter is DryGuy's portable version of the Boot and Glove Dryer. Make no sacrifices in your busy schedule, as the Transporter also utilizes forced air to speedily warm and dry boots or gloves. The travel friendly Transporter makes drying your boots convenient and easy, wherever you are. Telescoping arms collapse, minimizing storage space in your luggage.
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DryGuy Gear Guide: Thermanator Boot, Shoe, and Glove Dryer

Thermanator Boot, Shoe, and Glove Dryer:

Designed to accommodate four to eight pairs of boots, the Thermanator is the ideal solution for families, or larger groups of people to warm and dry boots; no more taking turns using the boot dryer! Optimal for overnight use, radiant heat quietly and efficiently dries boots, so you're ready to go for another day skiing with the fam.
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DryGuy Gear Guide: DryStix Boot Dryer

DryStix Boot Dryer:

Short on cash, but have cold boots? Not a problem with the DryStix Boot Dryers. Low profile and great for traveling, DryStix easily fit in your luggage, and won't totally blow your budget. Now buy yourself another PBR and savor your Ramen in your dry boots!
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DryGuy Gear Guide: AC/DC Boot Dryer

AC/DC Boot Dryer:

Like the DryStix, the AC/DC boot dryer is great for budget conscious shredders. The extra special feature of the AC/DC is it's commitment to versatility, as it comes equipped with both an AC and DC charger. Whether you're at home, a home away from home, or going on a road trip resort tour, the AC/DC will save your feet and your credit card!
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DryGuy Gear Guide: DryGuy Circulator

DryGuy Circulator:

While the DryGuy Circulator is similar to the DryStix and AC/DC in size and price, the unbeatable feature of this compact boot dryer is in it's upgraded technology, allowing a quicker drying and warming time. Implementing a silicon coated heating element, the Circulator is able to heat at a higher temperature than other dryers, without risking damage to footbeds or other boot components. So, if you're short on time and blew all your cash on the new Rossi S7s, the Circulator is great!
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Written by on 11/5/13