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We’re excited to announce a new brand for us here at in our ever expanding footwear category, Forsake shoes. We thought we’d take a moment to introduce you to the brand and what makes their footwear so special for outdoor enthusiasts like ourselves. Forsake was born in the Rocky Mountains after two college buddies left school on the east coast in search of deep powder and adventure in the west. As they found, the active outdoor lifestyle puts serious wear and tear on your footwear. Winter boots and hiking boots are too clunky, heavy, and uncomfortable for all day wear, but casual shoes get wet, stitches unravel, materials tear, and they just don’t hold up to the abuse we dish out on our footwear. Forsake has blended functionality and technology with comfortable, stylish designs resulting in a series of footwear that is equally fashionable and technical.

As Forsake puts it, they design products for a life of spontaneity, new experiences, and everyday adventures. We immediately fell in love with the brand as that accurately describes day to day life for essentially everyone that works for We don’t like to be held back by our clothing or footwear, but also like to be comfortable and look good through our adventures. Forsake has essentially solved a classic problem for skiers and other outdoor enthusiasts. Do you wear waterproof boots or do you risk it and wear more comfortable, stylish shoes? No longer do you have to make that decision, as Forsake shoes offer both.

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Get the details: Clyde Boot, Hiker Boot, Duck Boot, and Trail Boot.

A few of our staff members, myself included, have been wearing Forsake shoes throughout the entire summer and fall and we are all super impressed by the quality in their products. Honestly, it’s really nice to be able to get up in the morning and put on your shoes knowing they’ll provide the support and protection you need no matter where the day takes you. I have been wearing the Banks, Forsake’s breathable summer shoe, as well as the Pilot II All Weather Boot (available on, although discontinued and replaced with the Hiker Boot). On hot summer days the Banks shoe is absolutely awesome. It breaths incredibly well and keeps your feet feeling cool while still providing excellent support. They use quick drying materials (trust me, I know, I fell in a river wearing them) and their awesome “Peak to Pavement” soles. For everyday use in the summer I have absolutely been loving them. I am prone to sweaty feet, especially in the summer, but the Banks has effectively solved that issue for me, no matter how hot the weather gets.

Now that we’re getting into some cooler weather I’ve been wearing my Pilot II boots much more. The Pilot II is designed for protection and waterproofing over breathability. They are incredibly durable and versatile as well. I hiked the tallest mountain in Vermont in these boots and was thoroughly impressed by their support, grip, and comfort considering I have experience on extended back packing trips wearing hiking boots that cost well over $300. They really do retain the feel of a solid hiking boot with styling and comfort borrowed from the skate and casual shoe world. During my hike I actually took the extra time to make sure I stepped in just about every puddle on the trail. Although they don’t breath as well as the Banks I’ve been wearing casually, my feet stayed dry and comfortable even though the weather was humid and I was literally dunking my feet in every wet spot I could find. As I’m planning on wearing these boots to and from the ski area this winter, I wanted to make sure they were indeed fully waterproof. I’m excited to report that these will indeed be my go-to winter footwear. Not only are they totally waterproof, they’re way more comfortable than any other winter boot I personally have owned.

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My Forsake Banks after a full Summer of action. Still looking pretty fresh though!

In addition to the Pilot II is also carrying the Hiker (essentially the new Pilot II), the Trail Boot, the Clyde Boot, and the Duck Boot. All four are completely waterproof and offer varying styles, cuff heights, and fit. Each of these boots have their own unique look that, like all of Forsake’s footwear, combines the casual look of a skate shoe with the technical ability of a hiking or winter boot. There’s really too much technology in each model to go in depth in this blog article, so we encourage and invite you to visit each product page to learn more about what makes each boot unique to others in the line. We’re sure after browsing our selection of Forsake at least one of the styles will really speak to you. It’s happened to basically every single person in our staff. One look at the catalog or their website has had each of us pointing and grinning to the shoes we want.

Lauren, one of our customer service personnel, has been wearing their brand new women’s collection (not yet available on Lauren is a super active outdoor girl who works in the White Mountains in New Hampshire for the Appalachian Mountain Club through the summer. She has absolutely fallen in love with her Forsakes and says they’re “a super comfy everyday shoe that can keep up with an adventure lifestyle.” If they’re keeping up with Lauren, they’ll keep up with anyone.

Forsake Boots: The Convergence of Fashion and Function: Jeff's Pilot II Image

It might be hard to tell, but I've been absolutely brutal to my Pilot II's. Can't wait to use them this Winter.

Marcus, Inventory Manager for has also been wearing Forsake shoes all summer long. He’s most impressed by the overall durability of the material. “The durability and breathability built into these shoes while still maintaining a unique look is incredibly impressive,” Marcus boasts. Considering both Marcus and I have forgot our mountain bike shoes and ridden wearing our Forsake’s on super sharp flat pedals, we feel we’re both authorized to attest to their durability.

To reiterate, we’re really excited to be carrying an innovative, exciting footwear brand like Forsake. We encourage everyone to familiarize themselves with the brand, their products, and we know anyone who decides to pick up a pair will be genuinely impressed by the quality, comfort, durability, and style. Don’t be held back by your footwear! Forsake shoes give you the confidence to leave your house ready for wherever your adventures take you and for whatever Mother Nature decides to throw your way.

Forsake Boots: The Convergence of Fashion and Function: Lead Image


Written by on 10/12/16