HG Skis, a Local Burlington, VT Company Looks to Expand on Kickstarter // Ski Industry News

Over the weekend I was doing my typical Kickstarter browsing when a new ski project caught my eye: New Models from HG Skis - a Company Focused on Durability. What grabbed my attention wasn’t necessarily just the fact that there was a new ski company on Kickstarter. What grabbed me was that I knew these guys. HG Skis is a ski company that’s based out of Burlington, and started back in 2010 with some guys in college building skis out of a sketchy garage.

They’ve come a long way since then. Earlier this year, one of my buddies who works over there got me on a pair of Stingers for a day up at Stowe. To be totally honest, my expectations going into the experience were minimal. I knew HG Skis had started working with a full scale factory for production, and that they’d stepped their game up- but I was still half expecting the same noodley skis I’d tried out four years ago.

The Updated "Stinger" Ski from HG Skis

The New Stinger ski from HG Skis

My perceptions changed as soon as I got off the lift. These skis were solid. As I put them to the test on a multitude of trails and terrain types, I realized that these were nothing like the original skis I’d tried in my college days. Instead, the Stingers were a ski that felt just as at home on groomed runs, as they did in the terrain park. In fact, I personally preferred to take these things all over the mountain as their edge hold was phenomenal and their stability lent itself well to high speed antics- whether switch or forwards. After a day of shredding, I came away from the experience with a new respect for the company. It appears that the soft as butter skis that they’d been building in a decrepit garage had evolved into a powerful, stable all mountain twin tip.

My experience on the Stingers is exactly why I was excited to see these guys pop up on Kickstarter recently. Now not only had these guys turned a corner with their quality, but now they’re looking to ramp up production. With their campaign, the crew over at HG Skis is looking to expand their product line beyond just the Stinger, by offering two new skis. The Transfer, which is a rocker/camber/rocker twin tip, and The El which is a V-Shaped rocker/camber/rocker powder ski. With the edition of these two new skis, the brand looks to continue its path of growth while providing all types of skiers with a more durable option.

The New "EL" Ski from HG Skis

The New Transfer ski from HG Skis

Being East Coast skiers ourselves, we’re naturally inclined to root for the underdog. I mean, almost every year we see or hear of the epic snowstorms, open bowls, and endless backcountry in the West. That’s why when see a local Burlington ski brand starting to make a presence in the ski industry, we have no choice but to take notice and help them grow in any way we can.

At the moment, HG Skis is remaining super selective with their retailers. We suspect that this is due to their focus on building their product line, and hope they’ll be looking to grow their distribution more in the coming years. Until then, you’ll just have to head over to their Kickstarter campaign and help them hit their goal! Best of luck guys!

The New "Transfer" Ski from HG Skis

The New El ski from HG Skis

Written by Matt McGinnis on 5/03/15