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This is an exciting time of year at the SkiEssentials.com offices. Why, you might ask? During the month of August we’ll receive the majority of our 2017 inventory, which means lots of new skis to get excited about! As products arrive we’ll update all of you via our Chairlift Chat blog, social media posts, and our newsletters. Last week marked the arrival of the 2017 Head Skis and we’re excited to announce they’re all for sale right now on SkiEssentials.com!

Head has been putting out some impressive products throughout their long history in the ski industry and recent years are no exception. Head has done a ton of R&D in their latest skis resulting in high praise across all their different lines. One of the areas in which Head has impressed the most is women’s skis. The Joy Collection, their women’s all mountain line, encompasses a wide range of shapes and target ability levels all designed and constructed specifically for women skiers. All too often in the ski industry we see companies go with the “shrink it and pink it” technique when producing women’s skis (i.e. using the same shape and construction of a men’s ski with a feminine color). It’s refreshing to see Head put so much emphasis on women’s specific skis and it’s ultimately a big reason why they’ve become so popular.

Head’s Joy Collection uses a Nobel-prize winning material called Graphene. Graphene is the lightest, strongest, and thinnest material known to mankind. It is lighter than wood, harder than diamond, and 300 times stronger than steel. By using Graphene in the Joy Collection Head has drastically reduced overall weight while still maintaining proper torsional stiffness. It also gives the skis exceptional balance and allows Head to fine tune weight distribution for the different skis within the Joy Collection. Finally, the strength of Graphene allows the skis to have a lower camber profile that provides easy turn initiation and control while still maintaining a high performance feel. The precision engineering behind their women’s skis has allowed Head to really fine tune a line of skis in which there really is something for everyone.

Head’s women’s specific LIBRA core construction uses a combination of carbon, Graphene, and Koroyd (think futuristic honeycomb) and is used in slightly varying applications across the Joy Collection creating multiple models that span different ability levels and terrain application. Beginner and intermediate skiers will love the Pure Joy. Its design focuses on being lightweight, easy-to-ski, and with a user-friendly learning curve for progressing skiers. The Pure Joy, as Head describes, is “always easy going and always in control.” If you’re the type of skier that likes to cruise on easy, groomed slopes, while improving your skiing, you’ll love the Pure Joy. It has a relatively narrow 73mm waist width and a tight turn radius. It’s incredible smooth and will help skiers progress into carving turns without having to ski too fast for comfort.

The Absolut Joy is slightly wider than the Pure Joy and is more suited for intermediate to advanced skiers, but still leans more toward casual cruising than fast, aggressive skiing. The 79mm waist width is little bit more versatile than the Pure Joy allowing skiers to test their ability in some off-piste terrain. Head’s Allride Rocker, found across all the Joy skis, also helps give them a little extra stability in variable snow conditions. As you start tackling new terrain, the Absolut Joy will be there to help you progress your ability to the point where you may decide to jump up to a more aggressive ski.

The Super Joy is much more advanced and designed for more specific use than the Pure Joy and Absolut Joy. If aggressive frontside carving is your thing, then within the Joy Collection this is your ski. As Head describes them, the Super Joy is “high speed, high class, and high fashion.” They absolutely rip on groomers, but still have the same women’s specific characteristics like being lightweight and exceptionally well balanced. You’ll notice a significant price increase from the Absolute Joy to the Super Joy, which can be attributed to more torsional stiffness thanks to a different layup of Koroyd, Graphene, and carbon and also moving to a high performance structured UHM C base material. When you think of the Super Joy, think super powerful groomer turns.

The Total Joy is very aptly named as it’s easily the most versatile ski within the Joy Collection. Light, fun, and easy-to-ski, the Total Joy delivers high performance across the entire mountain. The 85mm waist width is snappy and responsive on groomers, but provides enough stability and float to venture into softer snow and variable conditions. If you’re an advanced skier that likes the simplicity of having a go-to pair of skis for any snow conditions you’ll fall in love with the Total Joy, as many women skiers have over the past seasons. It provides such and awesome mix of easy turn initiation and high performance responsiveness skiing becomes so easy it kind of feels like cheating.

2017 Head Joy Ski Collection Product Review: Women's Skis That Get it Right: Ski Collection Overview

The last ski we’re going to take a look at and the second biggest (widest) ski in the Joy Collection is the Great Joy. The Great Joy is designed for advanced and expert women who like to split their time on hill evenly between on and off-piste skiing. The 98mm waist width offers great stability and float for backcountry and sidecountry powder skiing, while still retaining great performance on groomers for those times of the season when we’re a little powder-starved. If you’re not one to seek out soft snow and off-piste terrain stick with the Total Joy. If you spend all your time on groomers, stay with the Super Joy. But if you’re always on the lookout for those powder stashes and want a ski that will rip carving turns on the cat tracks, you’ll get great joy out of the Great Joy (come on, we had to do that at least once in this article...)

And there you have it! A little overview of Head’s Joy Collection at SkiEssentials.com. There’s a reason why they’ve become so popular since their introduction and we highly recommend all women, regardless of ability level, to take a closer look at the Joy Collection when shopping for their next pair of skis. As always, if you have any questions or need clarification between models give our customer service team a call at 877-812-6710, shoot us an email at info@skiessentials.com, leave a comment below, or contact us on social media!

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