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Do you suffer from cold feet and toes while skiing and during other winter activities? Lenz heated socks provide an alternative to existing ski boot heaters on the market. Instead of having your heaters installed in one specific pair of boots, with Lenz you’re free to change up your footwear from ski boots to any other winter footwear! If you’re unfamiliar with Lenz, they’ve hit the market recently with a series of high performance ski wear, including heated vests and gloves. They also have a full line of non-heated performance socks and apparel, so you know they have a strong root of performance and apparel design and construction.

If you typically suffer from cold toes while skiing you know how debilitating it can be. It’s almost impossible to have an enjoyable day on the slopes if your feet and toes feel like blocks of ice. It’s uncomfortable, heck even unbearable at times, and hurts your performance. It’s hard to ski well when your feet can’t feel what’s underneath them. For years we’ve been turning to specific ski boot heaters, toe warmers, and boot gloves to help counter the freezing temperatures with varying amount of success. Lenz has hit the market with an alternative to the norm: a heated sock.

Here at SkiEssentials we took a closer look at the Lenz 1.0 SlimFit heated sock to help determine whether this is an improvement over existing boot heaters and where the best use of the sock will fall. The first thing you notice when you unpack a pair of Lenz socks is the quality. Everything about the packaging screams high quality. The socks themselves come in a zippered mesh bag for storage and the merino wool fabric feels soft, yet durable. Dig deeper in the packaging and you’ll uncover the lithium ion batteries, charger, and owner’s manual. The batteries are sleek and low profile, owner’s manual is extensive and put together very nicely, and everything is packaged in a very clean, organized fashion. Needless to say we were impressed right off the bat.

With everything unpacked we plugged our batteries in via the USB charger cable and waited overnight to ensure they were fully charged from the get-go. In the morning we got suited up with our new socks, plugged in the batteries, headed to the slopes and got booted up. The socks are very comfortable initially, with a few minor noticeable differences from a typical ski sock. The heating element under the foot is slightly thicker than the rest of the sock and is certainly noticeable, especially at first. We found the longer we had our boots on, the less we noticed this. It’s ultimately a similar feeling to some other heating systems on the market with the element under the toe. It’s noticeable, but didn’t really bother us at all. The stitching on the socks at first glance seem like they would be bothersome in a tight fitting ski boot, but Lenz has done an exceptional job designing ergonomic stitching patterns to minimize how noticeable they are. Overall a very impressive and very comfortable design.

With the Lenz Smartphone App, you can easily control the temperature of your socks and check on your remaining battery life. Welcome to the future.

The socks are adjustable through 3 heat levels both on the battery itself and through an optional smart phone app that connects to the batteries via blue tooth. We found it easy enough to adjust on the batteries themselves, but ultimately this will come down to personal preference. If you’re the type of skier who always has a smartphone with you on the hill for epic Instagram shots, run trackers, etc chances are you’ll really enjoy the Lenz remote control app. The socks heat up much quicker than we anticipated and unlike some of their competitors do a great job heating the entire foot, not just the toes. Our testers were pleasantly surprised by the amount of heat emitted by the socks, and most were either using them on the lowest level or middle level of heat. Lenz claims up to 14 hours of heat on the lowest setting, with that number decreasing as you go up in heat settings. Our testers found the highest setting to be most suitable for very cold days or those who suffer from exceptionally cold toes or poor circulation.

Overall we were very impressed by the Lenz heated socks. They are a great alternative to some other boot heaters on the market and approach the problem with a different solution than other companies. Perhaps our favorite feature of the heated socks is the ability to use them in different footwear. Other boot heaters are installed directly in your ski boots where they stay for the entire life of the boots. So, if you’re the type of person who mixes winter activities you can rest assured you can take your Lenz socks with you wherever you go and in whatever footwear you choose. If you’re concerned about fit, the best anecdotal information we can provide is that these socks are used by multiple World Cup ski racers. World Cup racers have boots that fit as small as possible, and if they are using the Lenz socks without pain or discomfort, we’re confident you can do the same.

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Written by on 12/16/15