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In a world with seemingly endless goggle choices surrounding different frame shapes, lens tints, interchangeable systems, and more, deciding on what goggles to wear has become almost as hard as what skis to use. The Poc Lobes is a high end goggle that is often overlooked by many in their search for new eyewear, but one that we feel deserves more attention and accolades for its sleek looks and high quality lens options.

The buzz word in today’s goggle market is interchangeable. Interchangeable lenses are great if you happen to live next to the ski slopes and can make a confident lens decision, but for the rest of us, lenses are often forgotten at home, damaged during travel, or worst case lost entirely. For these reasons many of us are still skiing in one lens, perhaps occasionally swapping it out for an exceptionally cloudy day. The Lobes are a perfect example of a high end goggle that has any easier interchange system than a traditional goggle, but are intended to be used with predominantly one lens.

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The Lobes are available in a range of frame colors that feature a variety of different tint lenses. All lenses feature a spherical optical grade polycarbonate outer lens with anti-scratch treatment and a cellulose propionate inner lens with anti-fog treatment. What this means is extremely clear, accurate vision with no distortion. Combine this with the goggle’s rimless, oversized design makes for an extremely wide, detailed field of view.

With 8 different lenses available in the production models of the Lobes, most people will find there is a single lens suited best for their average skiing conditions. Ski in Colorado or California? Chances are you’ll want something on the lower end of the VLT (Visible Light Transmission, or how much light is let through the lens) like Black or Persimmon Green Mirror. Black is great in full sun at high altitude. If that doesn’t sound like where you ski, stick with Persimmon Green Mirror. If you ski in New England, where it is often overcast and cloudy, check out the Persimmon Red Mirror. Its ability to boot contrast helps pick up shadows and contrasting snow, while the red mirror cuts glare for that occasional sunny day.

If you do plan on changing your lenses frequently, the integration between the frame and lens on the Lobes is quite user friendly. If you’ve ever changed lenses on a “traditional” goggle, you’ll remember struggling to snap the lens back in using a series of small grooves. Poc has oversized these “grooves”, while decreasing the overall amount and making them much more accessible. Instead of “feeling” the lens back into place, with the Lobes you can actually see it snapping back into place.

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After a couple seasons trying out the Poc Lobes, we are overall very impressed with the frame and lens quality and design and functionality of the available lenses. We used our Lobes between Stowe, VT and Breckenridge, CO and found that the Persimmon Green Mirror works best in sunny CO conditions, while the Persimmon Red Mirror helped increase contrast in overcast conditions in VT. If we didn’t have the luxury of multiple lenses, however, we would’ve been happiest with the Bronze Blue Mirror, which worked quite well in all conditions.

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Written by on 9/24/15