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Will The UpSki Revolutionize AT Skiing?

You love skiing, but lift tickets are too expensive, Alpine Touring is too much work, and snowmobiles are too much hassle. So what do you do? You keep your fingers crossed and hope that they guys over at UpSki can turn their dream into a full blown reality!

Currently on the popular crowd funding website Kickstarter, there is a campaign being run that hopes to give skiers yet another way to reach the top of the mountain. The product is called "UpSki" and it's essentially a dome shaped sail that harnesses the wind to propel you up the mountain.

Sure there are a lot of question marks involved with this campaign, but the idea is impressive to say the least. If the UpSki works as well as its creators say it does, then it might just be the start of another on-snow movement. Imagine being able to reach the top of any mountain with minimal effort, minimal equipment (no skins, AT Bindings, AT Boots, etc.), and without using any fossil fuels or electricity. Not to mention the feeling of quietly and effortlessly ascending a secluded mountain.

For now, the UpSki is still a dream. If it's one that you believe in though, you should head on over to their Kickstarter page and help them pull off a successful campaign. While you can't buy your own UpSki quite yet, you can buy yourself a spot in one of their remaining on mountain demo experiences this winter. It looks like these demo days will all be in Colorado, and will run you about $160. Honestly, that's not a bad price to pay to be one of the first to try a totally new way of skiing.

So on that note, if any of you make it out to one of their demo days, be sure to let us know what you think of the UpSki! We're always interested in seeing what happens with ambitious new ideas. And of course, best of luck to the UpSki team!


Written by on 12/10/13