Top 5 April Fool's Jokes in Skiing from 2015 // Ski Industry News

Top 5 April Fool's Jokes in Skiing from 2015: Lead Image

Hopefully you didn’t have to be reminded that yesterday was the international day of fools, more commonly known as “April Fools Day.” Of course skiers, being the shenanigan loving trouble makers that we are, had no shame in taking part of the activities. From ski manufacturers to local ski tourism groups, it sees like just about everyone in the ski industry got in on the fun this year. We kept an eye out yesterday for questionable news stories, and compiled a handful of what we hope are just April Fools jokes. So with that, check out the top 5 April Fools jokes from the ski industry!

#5: The X-Games is relocating to Hunter Mtn.

Top 5 April Fool's Jokes in Skiing from 2015: Hunter MTN X-Games

Referencing the troubling trend of decreased snow packs out West in recent years, the crew over at Unofficial Networks was almost able to convince everyone that next year’s X-Games was heading to Hunter Mountain, NY. This one definitely makes the list, but it feels a bit too soon to start poking fun out the snow struggles out West to rank it any higher than #5.

#4: The All New K2 Selfski!

Top 5 April Fool's Jokes in Skiing from 2015: K2 SelfSki

Ah yes, the K2 SelfSki. With just the push of a button on your ski pole, your ski tip will take a selfie of you anywhere on the mountain! As one commenter unfortunately points out, “April Fools or not, people would buy this!” He’s probably right. This one would’ve ranked higher on our list if there was an accompanying video or product page. It may seem like we’re asking a lot here, but there was some stiff competition this year!

#3: Introducing the Salomon MTN Blade

Salomon really stepped up to the plate with this one. Making fun of ski blading is a popular past time amongst skiers, so it’s no surprise that some fun was had at its expense yesterday. Salomon’s fake ad is the kind of dry humor that becomes utterly hilarious as the joke continues. In their mock-ad, Salomon goes down the checklist of necessary shots to make this tongue in cheek joke seem almost real. Glory shots of the skis, legendary skiers praising the ski, European legends praising the ski, action shots, Apres ski shots, and even getting the VP of Salomon Winter Sports equipment on board to refer to the MTN Blade as, “the kind of innovation we bring to the market only once in a decade.” This April Fools joke ranks as #3 purely because of how well it was executed. Bravo Salomon!

#2: Vermont Places a Ban on Ski Blades at All Resorts

This one, is hilarious. Like we said, ski blade jokes are always fair game, and always guaranteed to get a laugh amongst skiers. What’s particularly awesome about this gem, is that it comes from Ski Vermont, Vermont’s own ski tourism group. Combine that source with tons of awesome one liners like, “We decided to support this legislation because, ski blades are just bad for Vermont’s image,” and you’ve got a recipe for laughter. While it’s only a minute and a half, the mix of ski blade footage and hilarious commentary is hard to top. The one faux pas, and only reason this isn’t our top rated April Fools day joke, is the poor math at the end of the video which suggests a 2:1 height to ski ratio will be used to enforce the rule. That means a 6’ tall skier would require at least 3’ tall skis. The only problem here, is that 3’ long skis would be 91 CM in length, placing them firmly in the ski blade category.

#1: Ibex Introduces D.F.F. Technology

As skiers, we’ve all been known to nerd out over our gear from time to time. Whether we’re talking about waist widths, degrees of edge bevel, or base layer technologies, we’re all guilty of being ski nerds from time to time. That’s why it’s particularly awesome to see a brand like Ibex make fun of themselves in their April Fools video. But what wins them the #1 April Fools joke of 2015, isn’t just the funny idea or video. It’s their commitment to the gag, going as far as setting up an entire page on their website which appears to offer their first line of products that integrate D.F.F technology.

So that’s our list! Did we miss anything? If you didn’t see your favorite April Fool’s joke on our list, let us know in the comments below!


Written by Matt McGinnis on 4/02/15