Solutions for Skiing with Cold Feet // Helpful Ski Hints

Solutions for Skiing with Cold Feet: Lead Image

Cold feet can ruin anyone’s ski day- that’s a guarantee. They can send anyone, even lifelong skiers, to the lodge in need to warm up their digits. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Living in 2015 means there are solutions that will turn those cold toes into warm and happy toes living a tropical vacation inside your ski boots.

Step one is finding the right pair of ski socks. In the past wearing multiple pairs of socks was the only way to go, but that all has changed. We’ve come a long way from the days of cotton and plain old wool. Now, ski socks are made out of both synthetic compounds as well as naturally moisture wicking fibers like merino wool. The benefit of these materials is that they have a high warmth to weight ratio, meaning they can be both warmer and thinner. Not only that, but many modern ski socks also feature thicker, more padded areas where pressure points or chaffing typically occur. Now, wearing a thinner sock designed specifically for skiing can also act as a second skin to relieve you of any pressure points or potential rubbing. One of our favorite brands, Darntough, makes a durable sock with a lifetime guarantee in the “over the calf” length so there is no fear of slippage during the day.

The second step is making sure you wear the correct size ski boots. Properly fitting ski boots will ultimately keep your feet warmer than rental boots that are three sizes too big. It’s important to realize that comfort doesn’t always mean warmth when it comes to ski boots.

If you’ve already taken the first two measures into consideration, then it might be time to install boot heaters into your personal ski boots. Hotronics makes boot heaters that are sold with 2 batteries and four different temperature settings. Or, if you aren’t quite ready for boot heat commitment and price point, BootGloves are lightweight, cost effective neoprene covers that you slide over the outside of your ski boots. They add warmth to your feet and simply wrap around your ski boots using Velcro. If all else fails, you can always turn to single-use toe warmers along with hand warmers. While they can be slightly uncomfortable to cram in your ski boot, they can add a boost of heat on those bitter cold days.

Regardless of what solution you choose, starting the day with warm and dry gear is crucial. Also, it’s worth having a plan to warm up if necessary. No one wants to suffer from frostbite, even if you do get one more epic run out of the deal!

Solutions for Skiing with Cold Feet: Lead Image

Crucial Tips: At the end of everyday bring you ski boots inside, do not leave them in your car out of convenience because the cold plastic of ski boots will be hard to get on and ultimately make your feet colder off at the beginning of the day. And if your feet tend to sweat consider purchasing a boot dryer to dry and warm up the liners. No matter what no one wants to suffer from cold feet and there are plenty of solutions to keep your feet, warm, dry and happy.


Written by Megan Davin on 4/14/15