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Utah Snowboarders Suing Alta Ski Resort: Alta's Retort

Back in January we posted an article about a group of snowboarders who were attempting to sue Alta into allowing snowboarding. We posted the article on our Facebook page and received a few heated responses, so we figured it would be worth posting an update to let everyone know how this whole lawsuit is going.

Well, not surprisingly, Alta thought the lawsuit was completely ridiculous, and their lawyers have let the courts know. Last Friday, they sent a letter to a U.S. District Court judge in attempt to get the entire case dropped. Their reasoning was simple: it’s ridiculous and it “demeans the Constitution to suggest that the amendment that protected the interests of former slaves during Reconstruction and James Meredith and the Little Rock Nine must be expanded to protect the interests of those who engage in a particularized winter sport.”

Dang. Those sound like fighting words to us. As of right now, the case is still open in the courts, and has yet to be dismissed. It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out, especially for the two other remaining ski areas that still have bans on snowboarding in place: Deer Valley and Mad River Glen.

If you’re interested in reading more about Alta’s response to this case, we recommend checking out this article over on the Salt Lake Tribune. They did a pretty good job of summing it up and including some of the details.


Written by on 3/27/14