Stowemaking: Behind the Scenes of Snowmaking at Stowe // Ski Stories

We just came across this awesome video that gives a look behind the scenes into the world of snow making. Sure, we've all seen these guys out on the hill, heard stories about mountains upgrading their equipment, and been excited to see a mountain fire up their snow guns for the first time each season, but have we ever been able to fully appreciate the effort behind it? This short video happens to be from our home mountain, Stowe. The video takes you from Summer preparations right into the control room as we find out what exactly goes into making all of that snow that most of us take for granted.

Honestly, I've got a new respect for these guys. I knew it was hard work, but now I really know after seeing the control room and how coordinated their efforts have to be. So as I sit here getting excited for Killington's opening weekend, I can't help but think about the snowmakers down there who are making as much snow as possible so we can somehow be skiing again before Halloween. Thanks guys, and if I ever run into one of you at the bar, you know I'm buying you a drink!

Stowe Mountain has way more videos on Youtube than we knew about! Check out their Youtube page here!


Written by on 10/24/13