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Sugarloaf Mountain to Open Above Treeline Chutes

Sugarloaf Mountain in Carrabassett Valley, Maine has been hard at work since being purchased by Boyne Resorts in 2007. Since their acquisition, Sugarloaf has upgraded and renovated just about everything you can think of. The list of projects has included hundreds of new snowmaking guns, thousands of feet of snowmaking pipe, millions of dollars of building renovations, a new chairlift, and most importantly, hundreds of acres of new trails and glades. The most amazing part of this growth, is that it's just the beginning of a plan that Sugarloaf will be fulfilling through the 2020 season.

This past week, Sugarloaf brought even more excellent news to the public. For the first time ever, skiers at Sugarloaf will be able to legally access a section of expert level terrain on the backside of the mountain. The new terrain has been known for years by locals as "Ball and Chain," "Adrenaline," and "Hell's Gate." This section of the mountain features several chutes, mandatory cliff drops, and some of the most challenging above treeline terrain available on the East Coast. Due to the extreme nature of the new terrain, Sugarloaf plans on only allowing access to the area after going through a backcountry access gate, similar to what you might see at a western ski resort.

Sugarloaf Mountain to Open Above Treeline Chutes

The new terrain being offered this season is just another step in Sugarloaf's plans to expand and capitalize on their unique terrain. In addition to opening this new terrain on the backside of the mountain, Sugarloaf is continuing to expand their glades East to include the peak and Western half of Burnt Mountain. This new terrain is only accessible via hiking, making it one of the only true resort accessed side country skiing experiences on the East Coast.

Between the news we've heard from Sunday River, Big Tupper, and now Sugarloaf, it's an exciting time to be an East Coast skier. If Mother Nature comes through with the snow this Winter, we're sure that this will be one for the record books. So gear up and get ready, we want to see you out there!

To keep up with all of Sugarloafs progress and future plans, check out the Sugarloaf 2020 website.


Written by on 10/18/13