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Sunday River Planning a 75 Acre Expansion

We just got word here at Ski Essentials that our neighbors to the North, Sunday River, are planning an expansion for this upcoming winter. In all, the new terrain will total 75 acres, representing a 10% increase in size.

Amongst the new terrain is a brand new, 15-acre terrain park with a pre-built superpipe foundation. This comes as a significant improvement on what was already one of the top terrain parks in the North East United States; one which was already equipped well enough to host the Dumont Cup each year since 2010. The new terrain park, called T72, will also feature a full jump line complete with a fresh stash of rail features. To make the deal even sweeter, the new T72 Terrain Park will be serviced by two lifts.

In addition to the new terrain park, Sunday River also significantly increased their glades, by about 60 acres. In total, there are 5 new glade expansions in the works. Two of these are extensions on existing double black diamond glades. Hardball, a patch of glades located on Sunday River's White Cap Peak, will increase from 3.2 acres to 13.4 acres. The other glade extension is coming to Chutzpah, another double black diamond glade section on White Cap. Chutzpah is getting a significant boost, growing from 5.7 acres to 29.4 acres. In order to accommodate all of the new terrain, Sunday River is adding a second entrance to the Chutzpah glades over on the Obsession trail.

There are also three brand new glade zones being built up at Sunday River. The first of which is called, "North Woods," and will be 6.1 acres of double black diamond glades between Sunday River's 3D and North Exposure trails. "Super Nova," is another new glade zone that will cover 4.2 acres of double black diamond terrain. This glade zone is actually the area beneath the Aurora lifeline, so anyone who's ever eyed this area finally has easy access thanks to an entrance on Airglow and an exit into the Celestial glade. Lastly, Sunday River will add another double black glided area off the Kansas trail, just past Emerald City. This glade zone will be a full 15.8 acres and will exit onto the Cyclone trail.

So it sounds like there's some pretty big changes coming up for Sunday River this season. On top of their already impressive mountain, there will be a brand new, state of the art terrain park, as well as 5 new double black diamond glades. If you're an East Coast skier who pushes their limits in either the park or the glades, then it's looking like a trip up to Sunday River is an absolute must this Winter!


Written by on 9/06/13