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A New Review of the Classic Tecnica Moon Boot

Moon Boots are either your style or they aren't. Some people wouldn't be caught dead in this puffy footwear and others find that it makes a fun statement. Since the 1970’s, Tecnica’s Moon Boots have been funky piece of footwear that will either make you cringe or bring a huge smile to your face. These winter boots are anything but subtle, which leaves this gear reviewer secretly wishing for another pair.

Moon Boots are footwear first created in the early 1970s by Tecnica and became a notable fashion trend throughout the 1980s. The boot is constructed with a thin rubber outsole and cellular rubber midsole covered by colorful nylon fabrics and using foams. Similar in appearance to a snowboarding boot, they are wide and bulky-looking and the shaft comes up well above the mid-calf.

The puffy, lightweight polyester insulation of the Original Moon Boot is shockingly warm and we really liked how easy these crazy winter boots were to take on and off. Whether you are preparing for space travel, or just want something cozy to slip into after a long day of skiing, if the Moon Boots are your style, you're going to love them.

Important Tip: Moon Boots do not come with a Right of Left foot designated so once you start breaking them in make sure to figure out a way to indicate which is which so you keep them optimally comfortable.

A New Review of the Classic Tecnica Moon Boot: Other Available Moon Boots

And if you are tempted by them but not ready to commit to their boldness, try some of their other boots that make slightly less of a statement!


Written by Megan Davin on 3/20/15