Top Five Fridays - April 29, 2016 // Ski Industry News

Top Five Fridays April 29, 2016: Lead Image

Image: Revelstoke's Facebook Page

#1: After Fraud Accusations, it’s Business as Usual at Burke Mountain and Jay Peak:

Top Five Fridays April 29, 2016: A Spring Day at Jay Peak

Despite the legal troubles, Jay Peak continues to operate as usual this spring. Image: Jay Peak's Facebook Page

We start this week with an update from Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom, where questions abound following the accusations of fraud at Q.Burke and Jay Peak resorts. This week, we found out a bit more in regards to the current financial situation and the immediate future for these resorts. First, let’s talk about Jay Peak where despite a large amount of accounts due and little cash on hand, the court appointed receivers will continue to keep the resort open. One of the big reasons for this, is that the resorts value will plummet if it is forced to close- something that nobody wants to see. As a result, those in charge have made sure to find additional funding that will allow the resort to operate while its financial woes are sorted out. News on the Q.Burke side of things is a bit quieter, but one piece of news did emerge this week. Much to the joy of Vermont skiers and snowboarders, it’s been announced that the “Q” from Q.Burke will be dropped, and the resort will revert back to it’s former, simpler name. In these parts, that bit of news was unanimously welcomed.

Want to learn more? Be sure to give this article from the Boston Globe a read!

#2: 6D Omni-Directional Suspension Helmets Could Be the Next Big Thing:

While wearing a ski helmet is an undeniably good idea, some studies have shown that they lack effectiveness over certain speeds. That’s where this new helmet hopes to find its place. Developed by a company called 6D Helmets in California, their new Omni-Directional Suspension (ODS) helmets feature a technology that effectively suspends a hardshell around your head. The idea is that by using a suspension like system, the dampeners between the layers of the helmet will be able to absorb much of the impact before it reaches your head. To be honest, it’s easier to see for yourself than to describe, so we encourage you to watch to video above. At the moment, it looks like the technology is only available in 6D’s line of bike and motorbike helmets, but if it proves itself then you can bet that we’ll be seeing this adapted to ski helmets in the near future.

#3: Mt. Bachelor to Build New Lift, Expand Skiable Terrain by 635 Acres:

Top Five Fridays April 29, 2016: Mt. Bachelor's New Quad Chairlift

An illustration of Mt. Bachelor's new chairlift location. Image: Mt. Bachelor's Facebook Page

Mt. Bachelor skiers rejoice! It was announced this week that a new high speed detachable quad will be built over the summer, in time for opening next December. The lift has been a part of the resort’s master plan for about three years now, but has been on hold until Powdr Corp, Mt. Bachelor’s parent company, was ready to provide the funding. As locals likely know, there have already been trail expansions in the area which have been waiting on this new lift to open. Upon completion of the new lift, Mt. Bachelor will add 635 acres of lift served skiing, bringing the resort’s total to 4,318 acres. Also of note: the vertical climb of the new lift will be just over 1,400 feet. So Benders get ready, your home mountain is going to be that much better next Winter!

#4: Alpine Replay App Discovers Most Efficient Ski Resorts:

Top Five Fridays April 29, 2016: Revelstoke Mountain Image

Note the skier to lift rider ratio at North America's most efficient resort: Revelstoke. Image: Revelstoke's Facebook Page

Want to know which resort has the most efficient lift accessed skiing? Then you’ll definitely want to tune in to this next bit of news, courtesy of Unofficial Networks. This week Alpine Replay, an on mountain companion app, released a report they put together that details which ski resorts keep you skiing the longest and waiting the most. In other words, they used information from their app created by users this season to find out which ski resorts allowed skiers to cover the most vertical in a day, with the least amount of time riding or waiting for a chairlift. It’s a pretty interesting review, and one that would’ve been nearly impossible just a decade ago. So which resort topped the list? Well, it should come as no surprise that Revelstoke reigned suprem, with Snowbird and Jackson Hole rounding out the top three. As for us here in Stowe, we were pleasantly surprised that our home mountain broke the top ten and came in at #8. To see the full list, and to see if your home mountain is in the top 30, head on over to the writeup at Unofficial Networks.

#5: And Now, Your Edit of the Week:

As a millennial who has a great respect for the lineage of things, it can be frustrating at times to hear old timers refer to the younger generation negatively. That's why this week's edit of the week stands out. It's a profile of the Jackson Hole skier- from the early days of the Jackson Hole Air Force, right up to today. The edit itself does an awesome job of weaving nostalgia with respect and ultimately broadens the lens through which we see freestyle skiing. Whether you're a former hot dogger, a current freestyle skier, or just someone who appreciates the culture, you've gotta give this edit a watch. Virtual high five to The Locals Project for this one!


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