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Top Five Fridays August 4, 2017: Lead Image

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#1: The Big Picture Releases Trailer for "Lite Years":

Ski movie buffs listen up: this week we were blessed with a trailer from The Big Picture, and we’re considering it required viewing. This time around, they’re calling their project, “Lite Years,” and the teaser is a perfect mix of jaw dropping backcountry feats combined with easy going powder shots that even the most intermediate of us can relate to. It’s a formula that works well for the Big Picture crew who typically films with a tight knit group of skiers including guys like Parker White, Chris Logan, Duncan Adams, and Tanner Rainville. This year’s flick also takes the somewhat unorthodox approach of sticking to a centralized geographic area (Washington and British Columbia), rather than sending skiers on a global mission to find the best lines. While we’ll all have to wait until October to see the full project, their past projects and this trailer have us guessing that “Lite Years” will be one of the top ski films from 2017.

In other ski movie news, Level 1 Productions also announced a new flick called, “Habit.” At present the trailer hasn’t been released yet, but be sure to check in as we’ll be sure to share it as soon as it’s available!

#2: First Chair Film Festival Leaving Salt Lake City, Coming to Denver in October:

Since we’re on the topic of new films, let’s just go all in with preseason stoke. This week, the First Chair Festival announced that their second annual event will be hosted in Denver, CO. If you’ll recall, last year was the first ever First Chair Festival- a ski movie festival hosted in Salt Lake City that also included an outdoor “block party” complete with vendor tents, food trucks, and even a concert from rap veteran Too $hort. Astute readers will recall that early promotion for the event also hinted at a rail jam, a portion of the event which unfortunately didn’t come to fruition. This year though, the event is in a new location, and the promise of a rail jam is back, leading us to wonder if organizers relocated in favor of a municipality that’s easier to work with. After all, this is the second time within a year that a ski/snowboard event has relocated to Denver from Salt Lake. Regardless of what’s going on behind the scenes, this year’s event looks to build upon last year’s success and should be a fun time for all those involved. While details of this year’s event remain sparse, we can tell you that it’ll take place on October 7th, and you can pre-order tickets for just $10. Find out more by heading to the First Chair Festival website.

#3: Second Glacial Terrain Park Surrenders to Climate Change:

For the second time this Summer, we’re forced to share news of a beloved glacier based event throwing the towel in. Back in the beginning of June, we shared with you the news that Camp of Champions, a staple of North American summer ski camps, made the tough decision to close up shop due to a lack of snow on the Whistler Glacier. Now, we have a similar story from Austria, where Dachstein Superpark has made the announcement that they will not attempt to build their annual snowpark this fall. The news comes to the dismay of European freestyle skiers and snowboarders who’ve counted on the annual glacial terrain park for the last 15 years. In an announcement this week, the management team behind the snow park shared their decision and cited their reluctance to build freestyle features that would accelerate the rate of an already retreating snowpack. In other words: climate change is once again at the wrong end of a pointed finger. It’s a troublesome trend to see, and one that’s unlikely to stop anytime soon as glaciers across the Northern Hemisphere continue to recede. For more on this decision, visit the Dachstein Superpark Website.

#4: Copper Mountain's Big Island Terrain Park to Remain Open Through September:

In honor of awkward transitions, we’ll now jump into a news piece that seems to blatantly contradict the implications of the previous headline. This week, it was announced that the patch of snow known as the Big Island Terrain Park will remain open for weekend skiing and riding until October 1st. Yes, you read that right: Copper Mountain in Colorado plans to keep selling lift tickets well into the fall, and almost into next winter, with a projected closing date of October 1st. The area is open for skiers and snowboarders on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, but ticket sales are limited each day so as to not overcrowd the snow patch. For those looking to get on snow again before winter hits, this is most likely your longest lasting option as Mammoth Mountain announced earlier this week that they’ll be closing for the season after this Sunday, August 6th.

Now, a quick comment from the editor on the subject of glaciers and climate change: as you read these headlines, keep in mind that one of the signs of climate change is an increase in erratic weather. In other words, extra long seasons for resorts in the continental United States isn’t a sign that climate change is a hoax, rather it could actually be seen as proof of the concept as this winter’s weather dumped an abnormally large amount of snow on these resorts throughout the season. Without going to deep down the climate change rabbit hole, we’d simply suggest considering all arguments regarding the concept, and not coming to headline based conclusions. Now, onto some fun edits of the week!

#5: And Now, Your Edits of the Week:

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