Top Five Fridays - August 5, 2016 // Ski Industry News

Top Five Fridays August 5, 2016: Lead Image

Image: Arapahoe Basin's Facebook Page

#1: Chairlift Chat Article Causes Aliens to Destroy Ancient Carving:

Top Five Fridays August 5, 2016: Norwegian Rock Carving Image

Image: Screen grabbed from Palodegard's video on YouTube

We start this week with a sincere apology from the editing team behind Chairlift Chat. It came to light this week that a 5,000 year old rock carving that depicted skiing in Norway was destroyed by two children who wished to make the carving more obvious. Seeing as the carving existed damage free for over 5,000 years and was destroyed within a week of our proposal that aliens ski, and may have even brought the technology to help us, we have to assume it’s somehow related. Mathematically speaking, the evidence is there. Now, we’re not sure exactly what’s going on here, but we’re guessing that our boss’s guess that aliens brought ski technology to early humans was actually spot on. Because this would’ve been direct proof of their existence, they likely had no choice but to destroy evidence. We certainly don’t know what secrets the Norwegian rock held, but again, mathematically speaking it seems pretty unlikely that this was anything but alien intervention. So, sorry Norway. Our bad.

#2: Two New Long Term Winter Predictions Are In:

Top Five Fridays August 5, 2016: Snowvana Event Logo

Image: On The Snow Website. Copyright: Meteorologist Chris Tomer

Now that we’ve made it to August, we’re starting to hear about long range forecasts for the coming winter. As always, you should take these predictions with a grain of salt as we all know that it’s nearly impossible to predict the weather months ahead of time. Still, skiers just about anywhere in North America should be encouraged. Meteorologist are predicting a La Niña event this season, which essentially means the jet stream will hit the continent further North into Canada and not dip as far South as usual. The result should be generally favorable conditions for the ski season in North America. According to Meteorologist Chris Tomer and On the Snow, a La Niña snow year will most likely bring the most snow to the PNW and Northern Intermountain West (i.e. Wyoming and Idaho). Over here on the East, we can look forward to a return to our average snow year, with a chance of periods of heavy snowfall. While that’s not necessarily jaw dropping news, it’s enough to put us in good spirits as we remember the brutally dry weather of last ski season. For more, see the full report over at On the Snow.

#3: Expansion Plans at Arapahoe Basin Mostly Approved:

Skiers who call Arapahoe Basin home have a good reason to celebrate this week. Just days ago, it was announced that the Wild River National Forest released their final impact review of A-Basin’s expansion plan and has all but given the green light. Now with preliminary approval, there will be a 45 day objection period in which people and organizations can voice their final concerns with A-Basin’s expansion. If there’s no grievances strong enough to reverse the approval, then it’s expected that the WRNF will give final approval. If they do, then the resort will look to make a number of changes at the resort. For backcountry skiers, the plan will be to add lift-service terrain to the Beavers- an area of the mountain that’s currently considered out of bounds but still draws over 20,000 estimated annual visits. In bringing this area in bounds, the resort hopes to create a safer backcountry experience. Additionally, A-Basin plans to get into the summer recreation game by introducing a canopy tour and a challenge course. Finally, they’ll also look to shuffle around their chairlifts by removing the Norway Lift and replacing both the Pali and Molly Hogan lifts. All in all, it sounds like a pretty sweet plan for locals. While increased ease of access to the Beavers zone will likely result in more competition for powder, you can hardly complain if the end result is a safer experience with less avalanche danger and ski patrol oversight. For more information on the changes that are likely coming to Arapahoe Basin, give this article from the Summit Daily a read.

#4: Warren Miller Entertainment Releases New Ski Movie Trailer:

Last but for sure not least, we bring you the trailer for this year’s Warren Miller film, “Here, There, and Everywhere.” Over the years Warren Miller Films have been skiing’s best cultural bridge into mainstream audiences as his national tour has brought huge audiences to local venues across America. At first glance, this year's movie looks to bring more of the same, which is by no means a bad thing. Traditionally, Warren Miller films do a great job of portraying the fun side of skiing while showing us clips from veterans of the sport. It ultimately makes for a different type of film than a trick loaded free skiing flick whose top shots are double flips during sunsets. Still, there were a few clips that caught our attention and could prove to be the highlights of the movie. Right off the bat, the shot at 1:09 with someone absolutely shredding through the woods on a fat bike looks extremely promising. Plus, there looks to be footage from this past year’s Big Air at Fenway event. So while Warren Miller himself hasn’t been associated with the company since the early 2000’s we have to admit we still get excited to see each year’s flick. visit the Warren Miller website to view their tentative tour schedule and find out where you can see the film this fall.

#5: And Now, Your Edit of the Week:


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