Top Five Fridays - November 13, 2015 // Ski Industry News

Top Five Fridays November 13, 2015: Lead Image

Image: Mammoth Mountain's Facebook Page

#1: Tickets on Sale for the Polartec Big Air at Fenway Event! :

If you’ve somehow missed the news, the U.S. Grand Prix announced in September that they were definitely bringing a big air event to Fenway Park in Boston this coming Winter. Along with the announcement came a few event details such as event dates as well as broadcast dates. This week, we found out that the event has an official title sponsor. Late in the day on Wednesday, Polartec announced via Facebook that the event would be formally called the, “Polartec Big Air at Fenway.” Along with the announcement of the new title sponsorship comes a link to purchase tickets to the event, which went on sale yesterday (Thursday 11/12) at noon. Tickets are reasonably priced for an event of this caliber, with one day’s admission starting at $20 for obstructed views and $50 for standard seats. If you’re living in or around Boston, we highly encourage you to try and get tickets to this event. While we’ve never seen a big air event quite like this in person, we have been lucky enough to catch similar events in person over the years. If you’ve never seen skiers and snowboarders competing at the highest level, then you should absolutely make it to this event if you can. The Polartec Big Air at Fenway will take place on February 11th and 12th, 2016, and tickets are available here.

#2: West Coast Ski Resorts Off to Incredible Start:

Top Five Fridays November 13, 2015: West Coast Sees First Snow Storm

Chris Benchetler taking full advantage of the recent snowfall at Mammoth. Image: Mammoth Mountain's Facebook Page

Another week in November, and another group of ski resorts join the list of those open for business! This week, much of the West Coast saw significant snowfall, allowing resorts in the Sierra Mountains to start spinning their lifts. On top of the list for most snowfall, is Mammoth resort who received 36” from this week’s storm. After swinging through California, the storm has started to move East, promising to bring snow to resorts in Colorado and Nevada as well. Of course this snow is a welcome sight to West Coast skiers in areas that have been struggling with snowfall over the last few years. Now, thanks to this most recent storm, there are a dozen ski resorts open on the West Coast and in British Columbia. For a full list of open resorts, check out On the Snow’s overview.

#3: Sugarloaf Installs New, Safer Lift:

As you might be aware, Sugarloaf has had a couple of chairlift issues in recent years. Back in 2010, a chairlift cable derailed, sending five chairs to the ground and injuring 8 visitors. Last year, their King Pine chairlift experienced a rollback in which the entire lift began moving backwards down the hill. It was estimated that the chairlift moved back approximately 9 chairs, causing some riders to jump from the lift as it began gaining speed. That incident resulted in 7 injuries.

After these two incidents, Sugarloaf promised last Spring that they would replace the King Pine lift, and add safety features to their other lifts to prevent future rollback incidents. Well, earlier this week they made good on their promise as they received the replacement lift earlier this week. The new lift features a redesigned gearbox and additional technologies aimed at preventing future rollbacks. The new lift is scheduled to open for operation in time for Christmas vacation.

#4: Incorporate Olympic Valley Catches a Break:

Top Five Fridays November 13, 2015: Olympic Valley's Financial Projections

A graph showing Olympic Valley's projected financial feasibility. Image: Incorporate Olympic Valley

Back in January, we shared with you the news of Olympic Valley seeking to incorporate itself as its own town, giving it more control of the land decisions made in Squaw Valley. Now, we’ve got a couple of updates on their progress. At the time, Incorporate Olympic Valley (IOV) had submitted their financial analysis for review. Since then, the analysis was completed and the town was deemed unfeasible. The IOV didn’t agree with the conclusion, and submitted it for review to the State Controller’s Office (SCO). Well, a little over a week ago, the SCO came back with their results and found inconsistencies in 18 of the 31 issues that were brought to their attention by the IOV. The impact of the SCO’s determination, is that Olympic Valley may actually be financially feasible after all. This is great news for the IOV as it keeps their hopes of incorporating alive. If financial feasibility is confirmed, the next step for the IOV will be to submit their Environmental Impact Report for approval. We wish the IOV the best of luck as they continue to seek their incorporation!

#5: The Plymouth Ski Jump Will Rise Again!:

Top Five Fridays November 13, 2015: Plymouth Ski Jump Being Rebuilt

A entirely new ski jump is being built in Plymouth, NH. Image: Save Our Ski Jump Facebook Group

Back in September, we shared with you a story about a ski jump in Plymouth, NH that was deemed unsafe for use. Until just last year, the ski jump was being actively used by the local high school’s ski jump team. Without the ski jump at their school, the team would have to travel 1.5 hours to find the nearest ski jump for practice, a factor that many believed would put a slow end to the school’s team. Fortunately though, that’s not going to happen! After demolishing the ski jump back in October, construction on a brand new ski jump is already underway. Utilizing a brand new set of structural supports installed by the New Hampshire Electric Co-op, volunteers will begin building the new structure this Saturday, November 14th. There will also be a fundraising event next Monday, November 16th if you’re in the area and are interested in supporting the rebuild effort.

#6: And Now, the Edit of the Week:

As always, the latest edit from the real Skifi crew is packed with creative tricks and lots of “never been done before” moments. Ever see someone hit a trampoline on skis? We hadn’t either, until now. So sit back, relax, and start day dreaming of all the cool stuff you want to do on skis this season, because to say this edit from Real Skifi is inspiring would be an understatement.

Bonus Precautionary Edit of the Week:

Now that you’ve had your fun and are reminded how awesome skiing can be, it’s time for a quick preseason reality cheek. In the above video, ski mountaineer Nate Wallace discusses the reality of avalanches and how unexpected they can be. With ski season starting up and avalanches already making their way back into the news, we want to remind everyone that while perfect powder days are usually what dreams are made of, things can quickly become nightmarish without the right knowledge and precautions. Stay safe this season everyone.


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