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Top Five Fridays November 20, 2015: Lead Image

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#1: SKADI Women’s Ski Fest Announced :

Top Five Fridays November 20, 2015: Skadi Women's Ski Festival

If you ask around, many female skiers will tell you that we’re either entering, or are already in a bit of a golden era for women’s skiing. With an increased focus on making quality women’s ski gear, annual Women centric ski flicks, and an increasing number of articles focusing on female skiers, it seems as though women are finally being noticed in a sport that’s traditionally male-centric. Along with, and possibly driving the growth of women’s participation in skiing, are events catering to female skiers who enjoy the camaraderie and low pressure environment that can come from Women’s only events.

Earlier this week, Vail Resort announced the first annual SKADI Women’s Ski Fest- an event meant to bring female skiers together for two days of lessons, demos, and other ski related events. Scheduled for Wednesday January 20 - January 22nd, this ski fest aims to unite female skiers for a few days of fun. On the hill, participants will have access to a slew of demo skis and guided tours, allowing them to try new styles of skis and push their skiing in a friendly, non-intimidating atmosphere. In the evening, SKADI Fest has events such as exclusive movie showings and wine tastings lined up to give those in attendance the ultimate aprés ski experience. For more information on the SKADI Women’s Ski Fest, visit the event page on Vail’s Website.

#2: Forbes Releases Their Highly Scientific List of Top 10 Ski Resorts in North America:

Ah, another “Top 10 Ski Resorts” list! I know what you’re thinking, “This isn’t news, anyone can come up with a list of their favorite resorts!” Well, normally we’d agree, but this is Forbes and this list isn’t just someone’s arbitrarily list of places where they’ve had good days. Quite the opposite, this list from Forbes actually uses a really thorough algorithm to determine the “Pure Awesomeness Factor” of 220 resorts from North America. Sure, the name is corny, but behind every P.A.F. are over 30 categories of data that feature concrete values like number of chairlifts, annual snowfall, and vertical height. In addition to these concrete values, there’s also other information that’s more difficult to pin down, like snow quality and how long that resort holds snow for. In fact, determining P.A.F.’s for the top 220 resorts in North America proved to be such an immense task that they actually built an entire website around the scores so you can see how these resorts compare. So after all of this analysis, which resort came out on top? Well, you’ll just have to click over to the Forbes article to find out!

#3: Avatech Launches Avalanche Safety App:

Top Five Fridays November 20, 2015: Avatech Launches Avanet

Image: Avatech

If you’re a backcountry skier who tends to venture from the resort, then there’s a new App you might want to download this season. Coming from Avatech, an a technology company focused on avalanche prevention, Avanet is a new app that allows users to track snow conditions in real time. Using a crowdsourced information model, Avanet users will be able to both review and input avalanche condition information on their backcountry excursions. While users will be able to add photos, videos, and audio notes of snow conditions at their geotagged locations, one of the most powerful aspects of the app is its ability to link with the Avatech SP1 Probe which is a smart probe that allows users to collects snow data digitally. In addition to its primary focus of collecting and sharing snow condition data with other backcountry skiers in the area, Avanet also allows users to plan and track their route, while also providing terrain visualization to help skiers find new terrain. Overall, the app seems pretty useful and could become a useful addition to a backcountry skier’s normal precautionary gear alongside their beacon, probe, and shovel. You can download Avanet from the iTunes store.

#4: Snow Fall Roll Call:

As Thanksgiving creeps up on us, more resorts across North America are getting their lifts turning for another year. Here in Vermont, Killington has reopened for business with Mount Snow, Okemo, and Sugarbush Resort hoping to join them this weekend with more resorts scheduled to open next week. Out West, continued snowfall has coated mountains from British Columbia all the way South to New Mexico with impressive snowfall. This consistent snow has allowed a number of resorts to open for the season. But not every resort is choosing to open as soon as the grass is hidden. Revelstoke in British Columbia has already received over 100” of snow this season, but hasn’t budged on they opening date which is still scheduled for November 28th.

Interested in seeing what ski resorts in your area are open for business? Check out this comprehensive list of Open Ski Resorts in North America, from On the Snow.

#5: And Now, the Edit of the Week:

Are you a fan of powder skiing, ski bums, and eccentric old men who have a tendency to ramble? If you’re shaking your head, “yes,” then this one’s for you! Meet: Snowflake.


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