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Top Five Fridays November 6, 2015: Lead Image

Image: Revelstoke Mountain Resort's Facebook Page

#1: Big Moves for Bode Miller:

If you follow FIS Alpine ski racing, then you’re probably aware that Bode Miller announced back in July that he won’t be competing in this year’s World Cup season. At the time, Miller mostly cited his increased commitment to training Thoroughbreds for horse racing at his barn in Maryland. This week, we found out that Bode’s split from ski racing may not be as black and white as we initially thought. In fact, Bode has actually recently signed on with Bomber Ski as a brand ambassador and partial brand owner. In dropping his contract with HEAD and inking a deal with Bomber Skis, Bode hopes to help build a brand that will rival major competitors saying, “All these World Cup racing companies are based in Europe, and the European racers have all the advantages. I think it’s passed due for an American-owned company. With my experience and expertise I think we can really have an advantage.” But joining forces with Bomber isn’t the only announcement Bode made this week. He also announced that he’s signed a deal with NBC to be an analyst at the Beaver Creek World Cup races this Winter. So while he may not be competing in races this Winter, it’s safe to say that Bode still has his sights set on making an impact on the industry.

#2: Salt Lake County Planning Creates New "Mountainous Planning District":

As skiers in Salt Lake City know, land use issues in the Wasatch Range are never ending. With so many parties interested in using the land that makes Salt Lake City one of the top ski destinations in America, it can be hard to make everyone happy. This week, the Salt Lake County Council agreed to put Snowbird, Solitude, and Brighton ski resorts into the new Mountainous Planning District. The reasoning seems solid: by adding the resorts that are in Big Cottonwood Canyon to the district, the County Council aims to create a single district to handle all of the land use issues in the Wasatch Mountains from Little Cottonwood Canyon to Parleys. While it sounds good on paper, the decision was immediately met with resistance from the three resorts who say that County Council is jumping the gun and that other ordinance issues need to be settled before they are put into a new district. They also are taking particular issue with the fact that once the Mountainous Planning District is in place, it will forever hold the right to decide land use issues within its borders. This means that even if private land holder wanted to be annexed into a different district in the future, the Mountainous Planning District would still control the right to determine how their land is used. As with most things involving politics, this issue promises to become more confusing and drawn out before the dust clears.

#3: DMOS Kicker Tool Becomes Fully Funded on Kickstarter:

Last but not least, congratulations to DMOS Collective, Inc., who reached their Kickstarter campaign goal earlier this week. Their product is a revolutionary new shovel concept designed specifically for skiers and snowboarders who build their own jumps and features- particularly in the backcountry. Anyone who’s ever built a jump, whether it’s something small in the backyard or a bigger backcountry feature, will likely agree that plastic shovels and avalanche shovels are less than ideal when it comes to moving, chopping, and shaping snow. It’s with this premise that DMOS introduced their Kicker Tool- a new shovel concept that combines shovel and rake designs, while also being super strong and collapsable. With this solution, backcountry skiers and snowboarders can finally bring a collapsable shovel with them that offers easier, more efficient jump building. As always, it’s exciting to see new innovations being brought to old concepts, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for DMOS Collective. Congrats on getting funded guys!

#4: Revelstoke Gets Over 100cm Of Snow, Still Doesn’t Open:

Yes, you read that right. Earlier this week, Revelstoke Mountain Resort in British Columbia, Canada received over 100cm of snow. For us Americans, that’s the equivalent of about 40” or snow, or one scientific crap load. Perhaps more amazingly though, Revelstoke didn’t open for business, nor do they plan to anytime soon. Unlike a vast majority of resorts who are willing to blow a ton of snow just to open for a couple of days in October, Revelstoke is content with letting mother nature do her work and open when the time is right. So despite having 40” of fresh snow at the resort, Revelstoke still has a projected opening date of November 28th. Still, where there’s snow there’s a marketing opportunity, so Revelstoke sent a handful of skiers from their Pro Team up the mountain to collect some shots and make us all very, very jealous. You can see the collection of photos here.

#5: And Now, the Edit of the Week:

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