Top Five Fridays - October 16, 2015 // Ski Industry News

Top Five Fridays October 16, 2015: Lead Image

#1: New Hampshire Resorts Take a Step Towards the Future of Marketing:

Top Five Fridays October 16, 20015: Adored App Coaxing Visitors to Download Their Product

Adored Staff Coaxing Visitors of Gunstock Mountain to Download Their App. Image: Adored

Skiers at select New Hampshire resorts might be in for a new experience this Winter as three resorts will be partnering with N.H. startup Adored to push special offers to their smart phones depending on things like their location, time of day, and personal taste. The system utilizes numerous beacons that will be strategically placed around Cannon Mountain, Waterville Valley, and Gunstock Mountain Resort. Using these beacons, Adored will be able to send special offers to those who have downloaded their app that offer deals specific to the users location and preferences. For example, if it’s 2:30 PM, you’re a 35 year old male who’s spent some time at the bar on past visits, and the lodge at the top of the hill is empty- you might get a certain drink special sent to your phone, enticing you to come in for a drink. Sound a bit invasive? Maybe, but it’s certainly a sign of the times and those who choose to download the Adored app might just benefit from these exclusive deals. What do you think? Would you download this app, or is it a bit over the top? Let us know in the comments below!

#2: Sammy Carlson Wins X-Games Real Ski Backcountry 2015:

Congratulations are in order for Sammy Carlson this week, as he just won the X-Games Real Ski Backcountry 2015 competition. The award is the culmination of a Winter’s worth of skiing packed into a short 2:15 edit of his best shots from the past season. His edit faced off against four of his biggest rivals in the sport: Chris Logan, Parker White, Joe Schuster, and Sean Pettit . The competition was admittedly stiff, but through a combination of fan support and high scores from the judges, Sammy was able to pull out his third win in this competition. So once again, congratulations to Mr. Carlson. Keep doing what you’re doing since it’s clearly working, and we’ll stay excited to see what you put together for us this time next year!

#3: Time to Leave the Drones at Home:

Top Five Fridays October 16, 2015: Drones Outlawed at Ski Resorts

Well it’s been a long time coming, but it sounds as though regulations on the use of drones at ski resorts are finally becoming a reality. With an estimated 500,000 drones sold last year and another 1 million expected to be sold this holiday season, the issue of whether or not drone use should be left unregulated at ski resorts has finally come to a head. Unwilling to wait for the Federal Aviation Association (FAA) to pass official regulations in time for the 2017-2018 Winter season, the National Ski Areas Association (NSAA) has put forth a ban on both hobby and commercial ski resorts at U.S. ski areas. The concern of course, is that drastic injuries could occur due to inexperienced drone pilots losing control of their craft, allowing it to crash into other visitors at the ski area. It’s important to note though that this isn’t a mandatory ban at all ski resorts- some have already opted to overrule the ban. Boyne Resorts for instance has decided instead to create designated drone zones at the 10 ski resorts it owns across North America. This news also strikes us as a possible end to the much anticipated Lily Drone which was toted itself as, “the world’s first throw-and-shoot camera,” and was heavily targeted towards skiers and snowboarders.

#4: Sunday River Announces Opening Date!

Top Five Fridays October 16, 2015: Sunday River Announces Opening Date

Image: Sunday River

Well, it’s officially official. The first opening day has been announced and as long as the weather plays its part, it looks as though Sunday River in Newry, Maine will be the first ski resort to open in North America. Over the weekend, mountain tops in Western Maine are expected to see below freezing temperatures and may even see a bit of natural snow. With this combination in mind, Sunday River looks to make good on its promise of opening as soon as possible by making snow over the weekend in an effort to open next Monday, October 19th. The resort then expects to close again on Tuesday before reopening with their regular early season schedule of operating their lifts on weekends only. If they can pull it off, Sunday River will officially be the first ski resort open in North America for the 2016 - 2017 season. And while West Coasters may balk at the notion that an East Coast ski resort can make enough snow to open a mountain in just one weekend, we have to admit that if there’s one thing we know how to do over here, it’s make snow in the Fall!

#5: And Now, the Edit of the Week:

This time it was easy. With Parker White and Chris Logan teaming up and dropping a ten and a half minute video, we knew there would be no contest for the latest edit of the week before we even pressed play. Sure enough after watching them crush huge pillow lines, boost off enormous backcountry jumps, and throwing effortless tricks off of cliffs that would make most of us faint- the results were final. “MTN Revised,” is hands down the edit of the week.


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