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Top Five Fridays September 30, 2016: Lead Image

Image: Bomber Ski's Facebook Page

#1: 18 Months in the Making, SLVSH Announces New “Slapp” App:

At the end of last season, there was some light speculation amongst the free ski community that the popular web series “SLVSH” (pronounced “slash”) was over- done in by a lack of funding. People panicked, people freaked, but it turns out SLVSH is anything but over. Over the summer SLVSH cranked out countless entertaining edits to keep the stoke alive for skiers in the grips of summer, but that was just the start of it. Now, after 18 months of development and just in time for winter in the Northern Hemisphere, the crew behind SLVSH has announced brand new app: Slapp. Judging by the video posted on Facebook to announce the new app, it seems like this could be a game changer in a lot of ways. Based off a social media style platform, Slapp allows users to upload and share videos of themselves doing tricks which then show up in other user’s feeds. In this way, the app is sort of like a free skiing specific version of Instagram that allows Joe-Schmo out in Minnesota to show up in someone’s feed alongside their favorite pros. Where the app really innovates though, is with the ability to search for very, very specific tricks. Broken up into several categories such as jumps, rails, rotation, direction, grabs, and tons more, users can instantly pull up numerous examples of any trick that they’re trying to learn. Struggling to understand how to set your first cork 7? With Slapp you can look up not only a cork 7, but also a left spinning cork 7 with a Japan grab. For anyone who’s looking for another way to get their name out into the ski industry or could use some help learning new tricks, Slapp is a must-have app. You can download it now via iTunes, with an Android version coming soon.

#2: Hesperus Ski Area Purchased by Mom and Pop Mogul James Coleman:

Earlier this week, it was announced that James Coleman acquired Hesperus Ski Area in Durango, CO. The addition of Hesperus to a portfolio that includes Purgatory Resort, Arizona Snowbowl, Sipapu Ski & Summer Resort, and Pajarito Mountain makes it the largest ski area collective in the Southwest. So far, this seems like pretty standard stuff, but what makes the deal stand out is how Coleman’s been able to grow a business based on joining mom and pop ski areas together under a singular owner, much like Vail’s been doing on a corporate scale. In doing so, Coleman’s able to not only take advantage of cost savings through increased buying power (for things like insurance), but also improve upon the experience of local skies at these small resorts. Take for example the Power Pass which allows skiers access to five different ski resorts. For teens, the pass is available for as low as $359- a pretty ridiculous price for unlimited skiing at five areas. So with that, congratulations to Mr. Coleman for his continued success and we wish all of you skiers down in the Southwest a great season!

#3: The Smith Limo is now “The Trumpinator”:

For freestyle skiers or snowboarders who came of age during the golden era (AKA,t he mid-2000’s), the Smith Limo was nothing short of iconic. Showing up at local rail jams as well as in ski movies, the Smith Limo was emblematic of a time when skiing was young and reckless. Now, however, things are very, very different. Earlier this week, the Yobeat Snowboarding Facebook page posted a video that shows footage of the Smith Limo in use, mashed up with a report from a local TV station in Florida in which a group of friends proudly stand in front of the limo which has since become the “Trumpinator.” As the protagonist in this story explains, it all started as a joke but since Trump is still in the running, they want to keep their guns, they support the University of Florida, and they want to Make America Great Again. This all makes perfect sense, kind of, but the fact that the limo is still equipped with a box running the entire length of the vehicle goes oddly unmentioned. As for how the Smith Limo ended up as a political ad in Southern Florida- the explanation from our salmon shirted friend is simple: they found it on the internet. Of course. You can see the full news report here.

#4: Bode Miller vs. HEAD Skis - The Saga Continues:

Top Five Fridays September 30, 2016: Bode Miller on Bomber Skis Image

Bode Miller using his new equipment, on course at Ski Portillo, Chile. Image: Bomber Ski's Facebook Page

Last week we brought you the news that Bode Miller is eyeing a return to competitive ski racing. The only hiccough is that he’s contractually obligated to represent HEAD skis on the course, but seems totally unwilling to do that. In fact, he’s even filed a lawsuit against the company in an effort to shirk his obligations. This week, there was an interesting development in the story as Bode was photograph training down in Chile. Inherently, that’s not really newsworthy. What makes it interesting is his choice in equipment. The skis, of course, are Bomber, but his boots appear to be Full Tilts- a brand that’s not at all associated with ski racing and is based off of a mold that hasn’t been used competitively in years. Additionally, he’s also wearing an OSBE helmet that features an integrated visor. Beyond the aesthetic value of this choice, it’s also left a lot of people wondering if a visor is capable of blocking wind at 70 MPH. We’re not going to pass any real judgement here, but we will make like Larry Wilmore used to and keep it 100 by saying that this is nothing less than confusing. But, then again, Bode is a legend so we have faith that there’s some sort of meaning to this madness. In Bode We Trust.

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#6: And Now, Your Edit(s) of the Week:


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