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With recent developments in all mountain skis, powder skis, rocker/taper profiles, and the classic skier’s fascination with powder skiing, it can sometimes be easy to overlook changes in the frontside ski category. Volkl has been leading the charge with developments and new technologies in their carving skis and it shows. We’re not always skiing powder, so having a carving ski in your quiver is perhaps more important than having a devoted powder ski (unless it’s 15/16 and you live in the Pacific Northwest, in that case, yeah, go buy more powder skis…). SkiEssentials.com is offering up the 2015 Volkl Code UVO Red skis at an unbelievable price of $499 (including bindings) and we thought we’d take a closer look at what makes these skis a potentially great addition to your quiver.

Before diving into the details and technologies of the Code UVO Red, let’s take a look at the overall shape. Just taking a quick look at the dimensions it’s obvious these skis are best suited for frontside carving, coming in at 122/76/104mm at the 175cm length, resulting in an 18m turn radius. 76mm is certainly a waist width that’s most at home on groomed terrain, but wide enough that you can venture off piste every now and then. The Code UVO Red also features camber underfoot with rocker in the tip and tail. This helps make turn initiation extremely easy, while also giving the ski slightly more stability when off piste.

So, we know we have a waist width most at home on frontside groomers and a rocker/camber/rocker profile, which makes turn initiation a breeze. Part of the fun of a frontside carving ski, however, is its power, ability to hold an edge, and energy coming out of a turn. Sometimes a frontside ski with rocker gives up some power in exchange for easy turn initiation, but Volkl has done an exceptional job retaining strength in the Code UVO Red.

2015 Volkl Code UVO Red Skis: Lightweight Yet Powerful - Spec Sheet

The Volkl Code UVO Red uses Volkl’s Power Construction, which can be found in all of the Racetiger line. The construction uses vertical sidewalls and a torsion box layup to achieve the most power possible, an extremely strong edge hold, and a very responsive ski. On top of that Volkl integrates strips of steel through the skis construction to add even more strength. Those who come from a race background or who simply just like to ski fast and aggressive on groomers will love the stability, power, and energy of the Code UVO Red. It’s quick edge to edge and its stiff flex will keep even the most aggressive skiers satisfied. Volkl really has achieved a special ski here. The rocker profile makes turn initiation so easy it feels like cheating, but when you’re in a turn and pushing hard the ski reacts as a GS ski would. With the addition of tail rocker, even though the skis hold an edge exceptionally well, releasing the tail and getting the ski to wash around takes very little input from the skier. So the Code UVO Red has easy turn initiation, enough strength and energy to hold a powerful carving turn, yet washes around when you want it to. It’s a pretty incredible combination that Volkl has absolutely nailed.

One of the most interesting and effective technologies Volkl has integrated into these skis is the UVO Dampening System. First of all, UVO is that futuristic piece of technology attached near the tip of the ski. At first glance it doesn’t look like much, but the UVO Dampening System gives you a full 360 degrees of vibration dampening. The UVO engages itself as soon as your skis start vibrating in bumpy terrain or variable conditions by absorbing vibrations in lateral, longitudinal, and torsional directions. Combine this with the steel Volkl integrated into the Code UVO Red and you’ve got one of the most powerful, yet quietest skis on the market.

If you’re looking to add a frontside carving ski to your quiver, but are having a hard time choosing the right ski, at the SkiEssentials price of $499 you really can’t go wrong with the Volkl Code UVO Red. We are overall extremely impressed by the new line of Volkl frontside carving skis (all of which utilize the UVO technology) and the Code UVO Red is a perfect example of the high performance skis they have achieved. We’re off to a great start to the season for snow across the country (with some exceptions here on the east coast), but we all know deep down inside we can’t ski powder every day. For those firm groomer days, grab a Volkl Code UVO Red, you won’t be disappointed.

2015 Volkl Code UVO Red Skis: Lightweight Yet Powerful - Buy Now


Written by on 12/30/15