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Here at we are always looking for ways to expand our product selection. The products you find on our website are a reflection of our staff’s experience and expertise in the outdoor sports and winter sport markets. We don’t just pick up a new brand or product on a whim; everything is a result of careful consideration. While we’ve always been a Scott Sports dealer, we recently drastically expanded our product offering from Scott to include skis, outerwear, goggles, gloves, and more. Scott has been contributing to the sport of skiing for 60 years now thanks to the introduction of their ski pole in 1958. Since then they have grown into a company that produces high end products in a wide range of outdoor sports from mountain biking to motorsports to running, and of course skiing.

In 1958, Ed Scott designed and engineered the first tapered aluminum ski pole. This immediately took the place of bamboo and steel poles, and effectively changed the ski pole industry forever. While we’ve seen some bamboo pole companies pop up recently, and carbon fiber has become a common pole material, aluminum poles are still the bread and butter of the industry and for that we have Ed Scott to thank. In 1970, Scott entered the motocross market with the first motocross-specific goggles. That’s almost 50 years’ experience producing goggles! That’s an impressive stat on its own, but even more impressive considering they’re still an industry leader. In 1997, Scott entered the winter outerwear market, and one year later in 1998 they began releasing Scott branded skis. In this article we’re going to take a look at different product categories we picked up from Scott this summer, highlight a few products, and touch on the price points that they hit.

Scott Outerwear:

To start, let’s take a look at outerwear. Scott produces a wide range of outerwear from affordable jackets and pants that perform super well for lift service skiing, to fully technical garments designed for backcountry skiers who demand the most out of their outerwear. Something that holds true through all of Scott’s products, including outerwear, is the theme of value. You’ll find Scott’s outerwear compares favorably to competitors when you compare technical features and the price point the products hit. Because Scott is a relatively large company, it brings down their overall production cost, which results in a lower price for you, the consumer. You may have seen a smattering of Scott outerwear on in the past, but now you’re going to find a whole lot more. What’s even better is a lot of it is already discounted! Let’s take a look at one of the outerwear pieces we just picked up, which is a perfect example of Scott’s quality, attention to detail in design and construction, and overall value.

Scott Brand Highlight: Scott Outerwear with Vertic 2L Jacket Highlight

The Scott Vertic 2L Insulated jacket is available for both men and women. It boasts some impressive features, uses high performing fabric, yet hits a quite reasonable full price of $360. We currently have the Vertic 2L jacket at 50% off for both men and women. If it was a good value at full price, it’s unbelievable at that price. The Vertic 2L has a stylish design that blends fashion with technical function. It uses VX Stretch Insulation that allows the jacket to move with you and the insulation follows a relatively standard body mapping technique with 120g in the sleeves and 60g in the body of the jacket. That’s plenty of insulation to keep you warm on those chilly days. 20k waterproofing and 20k breathability ensures you’ll stay comfortable and dry no matter what the weather is. Even if it gets a little warmer than expected or you work up a sweat hiking to some sidecountry zones, that 20k breathability allows the jacket to release moisture. It has an interlocking powder skirt, articulated sleeves, underarm venting, an internal security pocket, a push button adjustable hood, interior goggle pockets, and a lot more. For $180 you’re getting a whole lot of jacket! You’ll find a lot more than just the Vertic 2L jacket on our site now, but we thought it was a perfect example of the quality of Scott’s outerwear.

Scott Gloves and Mittens:

Scott Gloves follow a similar pattern as their outerwear: high quality materials, technical designs, a wide range of products, and impressive value. From spring gloves to gauntlet-style gloves designed for big-mountain backcountry use, Scott has a glove or mitten for every type of skier. You’ve probably seen their gloves and mittens before. Why? A huge percentage of skiers and snowboarders wear Scott gloves, a testament to their quality. You often find Scott gloves at your favorite resort, although as usual, here on we have them discounted to an impressively low price point. Let’s take a look at a couple products that fall squarely into that description: the Scott Traverse Gloves and Mittens.

Scott Brand Highlight: Scott Gloves with Traverse Highlight

The Traverse is available for both men and women in a glove or mitten design. While it typically is found at a $75 price, we currently have them discounted to just $24.95, which again, not to beat a dead horse, is an insane value. You’re getting a lot of technology and a whole lot of performance for not much money, that’s for sure. It’s pretty hard to have an enjoyable day skiing if your hands are cold. We’ve been there, you’ve probably been there, and it’s just not very much fun at all. The Traverse Gloves or Mittens are both designed to keep your hands toasty warm even on those super cold days. It starts with their corded nylon and Jtex outer fabric, which is exceptionally durable, and paired with a HIPORA waterproof and breathable insert. Staying dry has a huge effect on whether or not you’re going to stay warm. Scott integrates 4 oz of Primaloft insulation on the back of the glove or mitten and 2 oz on the palm. That provides plenty of warmth, while also retaining a nice feel. It feels kind of bulky and weird if your gloves are too thick. You don’t get a good grip on your poles and dexterity is drastically reduced. Having just 2 oz on the palm helps retain an ergonomic, comfortable feel. The Traverse also has a zippered storage pocket on the back of the hand, perfect for hand warmers, but also can hold lip balm, keys, or anything else you want to stay safe and secure.

Scott Goggles:

And that brings us to goggles! Remember, Scott has almost 50 years of experience producing goggles. Like gloves, we expect you’ve seen some Scott goggles out on the slopes. From the simplistic Classic goggle that has been an affordable option for years to their newest LCG goggles, Scott knows how to produce some high quality goggles at both ends of the price spectrum. As usual, however, Scott seems to offer more value in their goggles than a lot of competitors. High end goggles, those with spherical lenses, high quality tints, molded face foam, low profile frames, and big fields of view, typically hit high prices well into the hundreds. Scott has a few goggles that fall into a really nice price range and have all these key elements. A perfect example of that is the Scott Fix.

Scott Brand Highlight: Scott Goggles with Fix Highlight

The Fix is a goggle that typically comes in at $120. That’s not cheap, but also quite a bit less than some similar goggles on the market. The Fix has a medium to large fit, uses articulated outriggers, 3-layer face foam, spherical lenses, and much more. As someone who has worked in the ski industry for quite a while and has probably sold thousands of goggles, the Fix has always stood out as an excellent choice for a lot of different skiers. Yes, it’s more expensive than goggles that use cylindrical and/or single lenses, but considering what you get and how well it fits it really is a good value. It fits a wide range of face sizes and shapes and is exceptionally comfortable. Scott’s NoFog anti-fog treatment keeps your vision clear, there are a wide range of lens options from low light to sunny day, and of course for those in-between conditions too. They don’t feel big on your face, but the field of view is quite impressive. You don’t see much frame at all, rather get excellent vision of what’s in front of you on the slopes. Sounds pretty good, right? Just wait… we have the Fix available for just $45. That’s a steal.

Scott Skis:

We wouldn’t be if we didn’t sell skis, so yes, of course we picked up some Scott skis! In fact, skis are something we’ve never had from Scott in the past, so we’re quite excited about it. While we’ve had a smaller selection of apparel and accessories from Scott, their skis are brand new for us here at Scott’s collection of skis focuses on three main categories: all mountain, freeride, and touring. It’s kind of refreshing to see a relatively small, focused selection of skis from a company like Scott. There are a lot of brands that try to cover every single category of skis, but Scott focuses on what they do best. While their skis are focused on certain performance categories, it’s interesting to note and a great example of Scott’s commitment to the sports that you could literally outfit yourself from head to toe with Scott products and be ready to ski. Let’s take a look at one of Scott’s all mountain skis, the Slight 100.

Scott Brand Highlight: Scott Skis with Slight 100 Highlight

The Slight 100 is designed for performance in a wide range of conditions. Scott has really dived into what makes the modern skier different than skiers of the past. According to Scott, “the modern skier goes off-piste, wants to hike the backcountry, and turn aggressively on the groomers.” We deal with a lot of different skiers, and Scott is correct in the sense that a lot of skiers these days are looking for a ski with a blend of performance characteristics for different terrain and snow conditions. It’s something we talk about a lot here on Chairlift Chat; every different ski has its own unique blend of performance characteristics. Scott is focusing their all mountain skis, including the Slight 100, on achieving a lightweight feel with progressive shapes and modern materials to deliver a ski that can handle a wide range of conditions. At the core of the Slight 100 is paulownia wood, which is very lightweight and also quite energetic. That is supported by triaxial carbon laminates and aramid fibers. The result is a ski that’s quite lightweight, yet still had good torsional stiffness. Light enough and with enough tip rocker that it’s relatively easy to maneuver in the backcountry, but it still holds an edge really well on groomers too. Skiers that value lightweight equipment will love the Slight 100. The 178 cm length comes in at 1700 g, which is quite light.

Scott Poles:

We started this article with the fact that Scott started producing poles in 1958, so it makes sense that we round it out by looking at their current poles. What started with a simple tapered aluminum pole has become an entire industry-leading line of poles that includes everything from inexpensive, entry-level poles to full carbon alpine touring poles. Scott poles fall into the same category as their gloves and goggles in the sense that you’ve almost definitely seen them on the slopes. They are exceptionally popular no matter where you’re skiing, and for good reason. In classic Scott fashion they boat impressive quality and come in at very competitive prices.

Let’s take the RS-18 as an example. This pole comes in at $100, which might sound like a lot at first, but it’s not when you consider what you’re getting. The RS-18 uses the highest grade aluminum you’ll find in Scott’s poles, which is referred to as S4 aluminum. Essentially the higher the number, the more durable the aluminum will be. The diameter of the RS-18 is, 10 points if you guessed it, 18 mm. That’s relatively wide, which further increases durability. If you’re the type of skier that’s hard on your equipment and often bends or snaps your poles, you need something like the RS-18. Scott’s S.R.S. Strap system ensures an amazing fit and also helps prevent injuries during a fall or in other sketchy situations. The Notch Grip is a race-style grip that’s the preference of most advanced and expert skiers. It just gives you the best control over your poles, which might not sound too important, but if whatever energy you’re using to hold on to your poles is energy that could be used skiing. Poles might seem like the least important piece of equipment, but a quality pair of poles really goes a long way.

You’ll find a lot more new Scott products on outside of what we’ve discussed here. A good portion of the products we just picked up from Scott are already discounted. There are some excellent deals to be had this summer on We encourage you to browse our new selection of Scott products. You’ll almost definitely save some money on the gear you need this season, and there’s a good chance when you’re finished shopping you’ll have a new-found level of respect for what Scott does for the sport of skiing.

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Written by on 7/12/18