2nd Annual #SkiHappy Contest - Winners

2016 #SkiHappy Winners

The entry period of our second annual #SkiHappy photo contest wrapped up a couple weeks ago and we’re excited to be announcing the winners today! This year’s contest was a great success and we want to thank everyone who entered photos, voted, shared the gallery, or just took the time to enjoy some of the entries. We’ll be running the contest again next season, although it will likely undergo a few changes to keep things fresh. We have contacted the winners as of today. If you recognize one of these photos as your own, but have not received a notification from SkiEssentials, please reach out to us.

The winning photo in the "Air" category. Our judges loved the lighting, action, and overall feel in this photo.
They may not be skiing, but we certainly count a shotski as "apres" so these ladies took home the win in the "Apres Ski" category.
We received an abundance of "groomer" photos. This was a close category, but ultimately this photo took home the win. Don't let anything hold you back!
Kids was one of the most popular categories. We received hundreds of photos of awesome kids tearing up the slopes. This guy, however, stole the hearts of our judges, and is quite likely the youngest skier in all of our entries.
There were two or three "pets" photos battling it out for the top spot. Our judges loved that this photo had some action and it received high scores across the boards, taking home the win.
The "powder" category was another where we saw a ton of great entries. This photo, however, received the second highest overall score in the entire contest and ended up walking away with the category win.
Are these two a couple? We're not sure, but we're going to go ahead and guess that they are and we're also awarding them the top score in our "romantic" category. So, if you guys are actually cousins or something, our apologies, but hey, you still win!
Our judges loved this "scenic" photo! The snowy trees, the blue sky, and those pointy mountain peaks sticking up above the clouds all combined for high scores and the top spot in our "scenic" category.
We had a lot of selfie entries this year, but this photo rose to the top of the list. We think it's the colors, or the trees, or the facial expression. Whatever the reason, our judges all loved this selfie.
The terrain park category did not see as many entries as some of our more popular categories, but we still saw some great entries. Our judges ended up giving this photo the win. We love the angle and the "oldschool" vibe.
This photo received close to 1,000 votes! We kept a close eye on any photo that received a lot of votes to ensure they were all legitimate. Although we had to remove 4 entries for cheating, all votes on this photo met our requirements and relatively easily took home the "most votes" award.

And now... the moment you've all been waiting for, our overall winner for the 2016 #SkiHappy photo contest...

Young Carly
Your overall 2016 #SkiHappy winner! This photo had the highest score out of almost 700 entries by just 2 points. The idea of the contest was to portray happiness through skiing, and we can't really think of anything that makes us happier than perfectly fresh, blue-bird powder days.

Congratulations to all of our winners! We absolutely loved watching the entries roll in and we hope you all participate again next season. We'll have at least this many chances to win for next season's contest. In the meantime, keep skiing happy and keep saving those photos to share with us next season!

All winners have been contacted by SkiEssentials.com via email or through the social media service from which they entered our #SkiHappy contest.


Written by on 2/29/16