Top Five Fridays - July 10, 2015 // Ski Industry News

Top Five Fridays - July 10, 2015: Lead Image

#1: There Could Be a New Avalanche Safety Device in Town:

Every year there seems to be more attention placed on Avalanche safety gear, and rightfully so. Yet somehow through all of the product innovation, it seems as though one aspect of avalanches often get overlooked: the injuries that occur during the fall. That appears to be the problem being addressed by this latest concept video for the AVA Avalanche Security Device. Essentially, the concept appears to be a carbon frame vest that essentially acts as a roll cage for your chest area. The creator, Alexey Zhukov, indicates that the security device addresses two safety concerns: injuries sustained during the fall itself, as well as suffocation caused by pressure against the chest cavity once buried. While the product appears to only be conceptual at the moment, it certainly is interesting and has real potential to make an impact in the world of Avalanche safety.

It’s also worth mentioning that there is currently a company called Avatech which sells smart probes that automatically uploads and shares avalanche information via a social network style app and their website. Their goal is to crowd source avalanche information from users, ultimately providing the most up to date and location specific available. From what we can tell, the AVA Avalanche Security Device is not associated with Avatech.

#2: Antelope Butte Foundation Signs Purchase Sale Agreement:

Top 5 Fridays: Trail Map of Antelope Butte Ski Area

Earlier this week, our good friends over at the Antelope Butte Foundation took another step towards achieving their goal of re-opening the Antelope Butte Ski Area in the Big Horn Mountains of Montana. As was always the plan, the A.B.F. signed a purchase sale agreement with the U.S. Forest Service for the approximately 250 acres of skiable terrain previously owned by Antelope Butte. The price tag on the land was $275,000, with the first payment of $55,000 due in August. Now that the purchase of the land is officially under way, the A.B.F. can continue moving forward with its plan by assessing what work still needs to be done to the resort, as well as continuing to raise funds to successfully complete the project. This is exciting news for the group, and we wish them the best of luck going forward!

#3: Crucial Section of Half Dome Climbing Route Crumbles:

Top 5 Fridays: Crucial Slab of Half Dome Crumbles

While it’s not strictly related to skiing, it seems worth mentioning that a large slab of rock fell from Half Dome- one of the most popular and iconic climbing areas in Yosemite. The section of rock was substantial in size- estimated to weigh 2,400 tons and measure 800 cubic meters in volume, and made up a substantial part of the peaks most popular climbing route. Now, what used to be a relatively easy section of the climb, is replaced with an exceptionally smooth rock face. Now, after examining the area, experts are considering the climbing route closed, and cautioning people to stay away from the face as there could be more slabs ready to slide off.

#4: GoPro Announces All New HERO4 Session:

It’s been a long time since the GoPro got a makeover, but that’s exactly what happened this past week. A few days ago, GoPro unveiled the HERO4 Session- an ultra compact and hassle free iteration of their incredibly popular POV camera. While exact dimensions haven’t been made available, GoPro claims that their latest camera is 50% smaller and 40% lighter than their previous offerings. The upgrades don’t stop there though. The HERO4 Session is also completely waterproof without a case, yet still useable with all previous GoPro mounts. It’s also easier to use than ever, with just one main power and record button and an app that’s used to adjust the camera’s settings. In our opinion, this is the most elegant and refined GoPro yet, and we look forward to getting these in stock as soon as possible!

#5: And Now, the Edit of the Week:

The most impressive ski edit that came out this week has to be the “Bon Vivant” trailer from Swedish ski collective BRS. Comprised mostly of urban skiing, this 2:40 edit packs in an endless supply of perilous tricks over a variety of unique urban features. In a freeskiing landscape thats already full of impressive skiers and endless jaw dropping hits, it’s harder than ever to make your tricks stand out- yet that’s exactly what the BRS crew has done. Nice work fellas. We can’t wait to see the full project this Fall!


Written by Matt McGinnis on 7/10/15