2017 Nordica Belle 88 Women's Skis

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2017 Nordica Belle 88 Women's Skis

It's so nice having one pair of skis that you can confidently grab in the morning knowing that they can take on everything the mountain has to offer. Whether you're making powerful carving turns on groomers or venturing into moguls, trees, or other off piste scenarios, it's nice having a ski that feels right at home across a wide range of applications. That's where the Nordica Belle 88 comes in. The new Nordica Women's Belle 88 skis are a great option for advanced women skiers seeking that one ski that can handle everything. The Belle 88 skis include Nordica's Ultralight Balsa Core CA construction with ABS Sidewalls that include a Steel Edge. Nordica has reached the ideal blend of light weight and performance in these skis. Meeting the specific needs of women skiers, the Nordica Belle 88 skis are versatile, light, and powerful, making for a highly demanded all-mountain women's ski. They're bound to keep a smile on your face through a long weekend of skiing as you explore every nook and cranny the mountain has to offer. Who needs a quiver of skis when you've got one to do it all?


  • Sidecut: 124/88/108 mm @ 145, 153, 161 cm; 126/90/110 @ 169, 177 cm
  • Radius: 12 m @ 145 cm, 13.5 m @ 153 cm, 15.5 m @ 161 cm, 17.5 m @ 169 cm, 19.5 m @ 177 cm
  • Ultralight Balsa Core CA Construction
  • ABS Sidewall Construction w/ Steel Edge
  • Metal Bindings Reinforcement Plate
  • All-Mountain CamRock Profile
  • Skill: Advanced Women Skiers
2017 Nordica Belle 88 Women's Skis
Hi. Was looking at this deal for my wife. But want to make sure that she will be happy with it. She is close to 5'10", around 150 pounds, an intermediate skier - but cautious when riding (e.g. not a type that just points skies towards the bottom of the hill and go). Will these skies be to long for her, and is the type of ski good for her? Br Rasmus
Question by: Rasmus on Dec 2, 2019, 4:14 PM
Hi Rasmus!
I think they'll be on the long side at 177, but they are very light. If we had it in a 170, that'd be perfect, but for the price, it's hard to go wrong!
Have fun!
Answer by: Bob St.Pierre on Dec 3, 2019, 10:05 AM

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