2018 Elan Black Perla Light Shift Women's Skis w/ EL 7.5 Bindings

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2018 Elan Black Perla Light Shift Skis w/ EL 7.5 Bindings

It's time to ditch the rentals and get a sharp looking, sharp skiing, set of new sticks to take your skiing to the next level. The Elan Black Perla Light Shift skis with EL 7.5 bindings will do just that. Chock full of design features, materials, and engineering ingenuity, the Black Perla skis are optimized to make skiing an effortless joy. Elan has been crafting skis out of their European factory for generations. In this new series of women's skis Elan has emphasized creating skis that are as light and maneuverable as possible without sacrificing any performance characteristics on firm or challenging snow. The heart of the Black Perla skis is the Supralite core. A lightweight and snappy composite material is ideal for quick edge-to-edge transitions, effortless turn initiation, and smooth on-trail performance. In order to facilitate absolute ease to get the ski on edge, the Black Perla utilizes Early Rise tip rocker to create an optimized edge contact point on the snow that is closer to the ski boot. This means that edge bites sooner, and does so with the skier staying in a more comfortable neutral stance. In order to keep those edges stable on the snow, Elan employs Waveflex profile technology. The waved topsheet profile creates a smooth longitudinal flex while providing torsional rigidity for a tenacious edge grip, something rarely seen existing simultaneously. All of these design features are easily utilized with the intuitive Light Shift integrated binding system and the EL 7.5 bindings. An industry standard of safety, quickly adjustable to any boot size, the EL 7.5 binding is the perfect accompaniment to the Black Perla skis. Get out of the shop lines and onto the slopes with the Elan Black Perla Light Shift skis with EL 7.5 bindings.


  • Supralite core
  • Waveflex technology
  • Early Rise tip rocker
  • Integrated Light Shift binding system
  • Ability Level: Beginner to Intermediate skiers
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