2018 Elan Bloodline Skis

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Elan Bloodline Skis

The Elan Bloodline skis are a perfect choice for mogul skiers who cannot get enough of sweet zipper lines. From competitors to recreational bumpers, the Bloodline is a great bump ski that likes to be in the fall line. The specs of the ski all add up to the ski's ability to stay direct to the line. From a weight perspective, the wood core with the fiberglass laminate make for a lightning-quick turner that gets from edge to edge very quickly. The overall dimensions of the skis make them a very direct, straight-line ski that loves to be swiveled. With measurements of 88/63/75, the skis are very narrow and straight, resulting in a 26-meter turn radius at 158 cm length. With a straight radius like this, it's a lot easier to point the tips down the hill and keep your body and shoulders square to the fall line. When you're skiing bumps in a competitive format, you've got to keep it all pointed downhill and these Elan Bloodline skis keep you right on track for the podium. Speed is a big component of mogul skiing, and the straight-line nature of these skis help you out in that regard. Feel free to let these things run right down the line to get your speed points up. At 88 in the tip, you'll be able to fly through the troughs and slam into the walls with minimal deflection. Making them quicker is the traditional camber that keeps the edges active and fast. It might not look like you're carving, but the quickness of the skis can fool a lot of people. Competitive and high-level mogul skiers will love the zipper-line ability of the Elan Bloodline skis.


  • Sidecut: 88/63/75 mm at 158 cm length
  • Turn Radius: 26 meters at 158 cm length
  • Wood Core
  • Full Camber
  • Fiberglass Laminate
  • Full Sidewall
  • Ability Level: Mogul Skiers
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