2018 Marker Consort 2.0 Women's Helmet

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Marker Consort W 2.0 Women's Helmet

The Marker Consort W 2.0 Women's Helmet is an awesome choice for lady skiers who favor safety over risk, comfort over cold, and performance over laziness. Helmets these days are ubiquitous-if you're not wearing one, you are the exception, not the rule. As such, companies have gotten much better at identifying areas of need and improvement-and turning those ideas into reality. Marker has done a fantastic job in making the Consort W 2.0 Women's helmet into a protective piece of gear that you want to wear, rather than one that you have to wear. They've made helmets both fashionable and functional, and as a result, the wearers are safer and more comfortable than ever before. When you are comfortable in your gear, you'll ski better and with more confidence than you have in years. With lightweight in-mold construction, the helmets are easy to use and put on thanks to the fleece liner that is both warm and comfortable. With customization for the fit with the RTS system, you can tighten and loosen the internals of the helmet with the twist of a dial. The MarkAir Channel vent system is an unreal piece of technology that keeps your head warm when you need it, cool when you want it, and dry all the time. The dryness keeps your goggles from fogging and your head from getting wet and sweaty. Because of all this, Marker's Consort W 2.0 Women's Helmet is an ideal choice for lady skiers of all levels and abilities.


  • MarkAir Channel Venting system
  • Lightweight In-Mold Construction
  • RTS Fit System
  • Fidlock OG Buckle
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