2018 Rossignol RG5 Hero Goggles

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2018 Rossignol RG5 Hero Goggle

The 2018 Rossignol RG5 Hero Goggle is a fantastic option for skiers who are looking for a perfect blend of comfort and performance. That's all we really want as skiers, isn't it? Something that fits properly, performs great, and looks good. There's all of that and more with the Rossignol RG5 Hero Goggle. By combining spherical lens technology with a larger frame, the skier is given an unobstructed view with minimal blind spots and maximum clarity. Vision is quite important out there on the hill, and if you can't see, you can't ski. Goggles are one of the most important pieces of equipment that you will wear, and if they don't measure up to what you need, then you are not going to enjoy your ski day as much, and it's as simple as that. The comfort comes into play when you feel how soft and supple the foam liner is around the frame. There's actually a dual foam layer, the one that goes against your face is softer and smoother while the frame side of the foam is denser and contributes to a formed fit. Additionally, these goggles come with two sets of lenses for different light conditions. The hinges on the sides of the straps allow for a better fit with a helmet, making the seal more airtight resulting in less airflow. For any and all skiers looking to get the most out of their goggles, look no further than the 2018 Rossignol RG5 Hero.


  • Dual density foam
  • 2 Lenses included
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