David Marryat

Dave Marryat is a self-described “type 2 skier for life!” Curious what that means? Dave is more of a snowboarder than a skier (we know… we know…) although as the head tuner at Pinnacle Ski and Sports Dave spends time on skis to test tunes, waxes, etc. We try to get him on skis whenever possible; we are, after all, SkiEssentials.com. Dave has been skiing for 5 seasons now and learned right here in Vermont at Smuggler’s Notch (essentially the other side of the mountain from Stowe). When he’s skiing he prefers groomers and spring corn snow and has developed a liking for the Volkl Kendo. We had so many lifelong, expert testers we really valued Dave’s different background as a tester.

Skis Tested

2018 Blizzard Brahma Skis

2018 Blizzard Brahma
Dimensions: 127/88/111 mm at 180 cm Radius: 17 m at 180 cm Lengths: 166, 173, 180, 187 cm

2018 Blizzard Brahma Ca Skis

2018 Blizzard Brahma Ca
Dimensions: 127/88/111 mm at 180 cm Radius: 17 m at 180 cm Lengths: 166, 173, 180, 187 cm

2018 Dynastar Legend X 88 Skis

2018 Dynastar Legend X 84
Dimensions: 125/88/109 mm Radius: 18 m at 180 cm Lengths: 166, 173, 180, 186 cm

2018 Elan Ripstick 86 Skis

2018 Elan Ripstick 86 Skis
Dimensions: 128/87/108 mm at 176 cm Radius: 17.6 at 176 cm Lengths: 168, 176, 184 cm

2018 K2 Pinnacle 88 Skis

2018 K2 Pinnacle 88
Dimensions: 128/88/110 mm Radius: 15 m at 184 cm Lengths: 170, 177, 184 cm

2018 Kastle LX 85 Skis

2018 Kastle LX 85 Skis
Dimensions: 126/85/109 mm Radius: 14.5 m at 160 cm Lengths: 144, 152, 160, 168, 176 cm

2018 Nordica Navigator 80 Skis

2018 Nordica Navigator 80
Dimensions: 117/79/102 mm at 172 cm Radius: 15.5 m at 172 cm Lengths: 158, 165, 172, 179 cm

2018 Nordica Navigator 85 Skis

2018 Nordica Navigator 85
Dimensions: 124/85/109 mm at 179 cm Radius: 16.5 m at 179 cm Lengths: 165, 172, 179, 186 cm

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  1. Hey David,
    Why did you choose to test the 172cm length nordica navigator 85 instead of the 179’s? Did you also test the 179’s? Any difference for you?

    1. Hi Patrick!

      David’s pretty busy up at our physical store getting our rental, demo, and lease fleets ready for the upcoming season (he’s the head ski tech at Pinnacle Ski and Sports). I thought I would chime in with my opinion, although I will also see if i can get David to reply.

      The 172 cm is a more manageable length for David. He is more of a snowboarder than a skier. We really value his feedback as it comes from a different perspective than a lot of our staff. Because of his background he often goes with a shorter length, which feels more maneuverable for him. I will say a lot of skiers his size, even those around the upper-intermediate level, could ski the 179 cm length in the Navigator 85.

      Hope that helps!


      1. Thank you for replying. I wanted to know David’s opinion on how stable the 172’s felt for him at higher speeds and on more challenging snow conditions (ice, crud, etc).
        I’m more or less David’s height but about 5 lbs lighter, intermediate level skier. I mostly ski groomers. I’m trying to make up my mind on either the 172 or 179’s?

      2. Hi Patrick!
        I just spoke with Dave and posed your question. He responded by saying that the skis were very stable at speed, even in the 172. He liked the 172 because he likes a ski that is quicker from edge to edge and is more maneuverable in short turns. At the end of the day, it’s only a 7 cm difference. That’s 3.5 in the tip and 3.5 in the tail. If you’re progressing quickly, you’ll probably like the 179. You’ll probably only regret getting the shorter length, not the longer one. Hope that helps!