Jeffrey Siegel

Jeffrey Siegel has been heavily immersed in the ski industry for 15 years now. He started as a ski instructor, worked in race departments, then took his skills as a web developer into the e-commerce realm. He is now responsible for most of the functionality of the website and we strongly value his knowledge and experience in the ski world. Jeffrey has a very analytical mindset, largely influenced by his time working as a ski instructor, and it carries over nicely into testing skis. He has a knack for picking out differences in skis, and although he spent much of the ski test with a camera in his hand, we were able to get his feedback on a few models.

Skis Tested

2018 Blizzard Cochise Skis

2018 Blizzard Cochise
Dimensions: 136/108/122 mm at 185 cm Radius: 27 m at 185 cm Lengths: 171, 178, 185, 192 cm

2018 Volkl Kanjo Skis

2018 Volkl Kanjo Skis
Dimensions: 123/84/104 mm Radius: 17.6 m at 168 cm Lengths: 154, 161, 168, 175, 182 cm