Julia Gill

Julia is relatively new to the sport of skiing, but that certainly doesn’t make her any less valuable as a ski tester. She provided a different perspective than many of our testers who have been skiing their whole lives and approached our test from a pretty fresh, un-bias position. She worked as a sales associate at Pinnacle Ski and Sports during the winter season, where she was constantly surrounded by ski enthusiasts. She has taken a liking to the Volkl 90Eight and really enjoys putting her new found ski ability to the test in challenging terrain. She arguably offers the most beginner/intermediate oriented perspective out of all of our testers, although her ski ability is improving rapidly.

Skis Tested

2018 Blizzard Black Pearl 78 Women’s Skis

2018 Blizzard Black Pearl 78 Women's Skis
Dimensions: 115/78/100 mm Radius: 16 m at 163 cm Lengths: 151, 156, 163, 170 cm

2018 Nordica Santa Ana 100 Women’s Skis

2018 Nordica Santa Ana 100 Women's Skis
Dimensions: 131/100/119 mm at 169 cm Radius: 15.5 m 169 cm Lengths: 153, 161, 169, 177 cm

2018 Volkl Kenja Women’s Skis

2018 Volkl Kenja Women's Skis
Dimensions: 127/90/110 mm Radius: 16.8 m at 163 cm Lengths: 149, 156, 163, 170 cm