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Katrine Wolfgang

Katrine Wolfgang, aka Mama-Bear, is an owner of SkiEssentials.com and our brick and mortar store, Pinnacle Ski and Sports. When asked to describe her job title, however, she went with “CEO of adult daycare at Pinnacle.” Katrine has been skiing her whole life, picking up the sport before she was 2 years old right here in Stowe, VT. She is known locally as one of the most experienced skiers around and every once in a while you’ll hear whispers of her leading the boys around the mountain back in the day. Her preferred terrain these days is steep slopes with some bumps and her current skis of choice are the Blizzard Samba, Blizzard Black Pearl, and Volkl Kenja.

Katrine Wolfgang Ski Tester Profile ImageKatrine Wolfgang Ski Tester Profile ImageKatrine Wolfgang Ski Tester Profile ImageKatrine Wolfgang Ski Tester Profile Image

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  1. I am 64 years old and would describe myself as an advanced skier. I like packed slopes the best but I can also handle a little powder. I typically do not go off piste.I have some old Voelkl skies (slalom Carver Energy P50) that are quite heavy but very stable. I am looking at the Voelkl Kenya as it appears to be possibly the best fit for me. However, I would like a ski that responds quickly on the turn and has a good edge. I am not a super fast skier and prefer smooth wide turns and on occasion some quick turns as well. I am also looking at the Fischer MyMtn 84. I realize that the construction is different from the Voelkl. Plus it is a lighter ski. I don’t want to end up with a ski that requires a lot of hard work even though I am in good shape. Any recommendations?

    1. Hi Silvia!
      If you’re looking for a lighter version of the Kenja, have you checked out either the Volkl Yumi or the Nordica Astral 84? These are better comparisons to the Fischer than the Kenja, which with its two full sheets of metal, can certainly be a handful when you get off-trail. They’re the most stable of the bunch, but also the heaviest and most work. These other models have some forms of metal laminates, so they remain damp and precise, but not the full construction of the Kenja. Let us know!

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