2018 Atomic Vantage X 83 CTI 2018 Atomic Vantage X 83 CTI

2018 Atomic Vantage X 83 CTI Skis

The Atomic Vantage X 83 CTI is the widest ski in Atomic’s Vantage X series of all mountain carving skis and while it leans towards use on groomed slopes, retains the ability to venture off trail from time to time. Atomic builds this ski using Carbon Tank Mesh, a layer of super-stiff, woven mesh that offers excellent strength at a light weight as well as their Titanium Backbone, a center strip of metal running through the ski. It’s lighter than a traditional carving ski, but still packs a punch. We had 5 total testers take out the Vantage X 83 CTI.

Joe Cutts made a very astute comment about the Vantage X 83 after testing the 182 cm length. He says that they’re “not the ‘highest performing’ ski in this category and that’s what made it so fun. (It’s) super fun/easy/playful, but loved to bend and hold in deep arcs.” We like that Joe pointed out that it’s not as burly as some other carving skis, but highlighted that as more of a strength than a weakness. Not everyone wants something that feels like a race-stock GS ski, although Joe certainly didn’t think it was a slouch of a ski, adding that it was “never chattery or flighty or nervous.” Joe gave the ski top scores for quickness, maneuverability, playfulness, as well as forgiveness, which says a lot about a high performance carving ski.

Mike Thomas echoed this reaction, again giving the ski 5 out of 5 for forgiveness. Mike is a big, powerful skier and seemed to feel very comfortable on the Vantage X 83 CTI in the 182 cm length. He comments that they are an “easy skiing ‘all mountain carver’ that feels stable, damp, and trustworthy.” Mike even sheds some insight on who he thinks the ski would be a great choice for by continuing with, “best for a bigger guy who is an improving advanced skier looking for frontside versatility.”

Jamie Bisbee certainly agreed that the ski is quite versatile for something that’s pegged as a “carving ski”. His reaction to the ski was that it is a “fantastic east coast ski.” Jamie gave the Vantage X 83 a 5 out of 5 for quickness and maneuverability saying that he could make “any turn shape on demand.” Jamie was skiing the 175 cm length. Going back to the idea that this ski is great for someone who spends most, but not all of their time on groomers, Jamie concluded his experience by noting that he would feel comfortable skiing them in “all conditions up to 6 inches of fresh (snow).”

Michael Rooney, arguably the least aggressive out of the 5 testers who took out the ski, doesn’t want skiers to come away from this ski test thinking the Vantage X 83 isn’t a powerful carving ski just because of its versatility and forgiveness.  Michael skied the 175 cm length and he mentioned that the ski is “great for people who can really push it. When pushed it really responds.” This is a really nice response to the ski as it makes us realize that while someone like Mike Thomas might feel that it’s easy to ski, it still is a ski that’s geared towards advanced skiers who are comfortable driving a ski.

We think Jamie had a nice reaction to the ski by calling it a fantastic east coast ski. While we really don’t like to say a ski is better for the east or west, it does fall into a traditional east coast feel. The Vantage X 83 can handle just about all types of snow conditions here on the east, with the exception of really deep powder, and it does it all with a responsive, yet impressively forgiving feel.


Michael Rooney Ski Tester Headshot Image

Michael Rooney

Age: 70Height: 6'"Weight: 155 lbs.

Ski Style: Fast and precise; racing background

Mike Thomas Ski Tester Headshot Image

Mike Thomas

Age: 48Height: 6'3"Weight: 225 lbs.

Ski Style: Upright, fluid nimble, powerful

Jamie Bisbee Ski Tester Headshot Image

Jamie Bisbee

Age: 43Height: 5'10"Weight: 190 lbs.

Ski Style: Fast and Furious, like the movie

Joe Cutts Ski Tester Headshot Image

Joe Cutts

Age: 54Height: 6'3"Weight: 225 lbs.

Ski Style: Heavy-footed, a little reckless, bumps, trees, beer league

Matt McGinnis Ski Tester Headshot Image

Matt McGinnis

Age: 27Height: 5'7"Weight: 175 lbs.

Ski Style: Surfy Freeride with a Freestyle Background

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  1. I’ve been skiing for 47 years since I was 5 years old, including a few full seasons working on the mountain, and several international vacations, so I would consider myself very experienced, but due to old knees and several operations I now ski like an Advanced but not Expert anymore 🙁 I’m 181cm and 100kg, or 6 foot and 220 pounds. I spent plenty of time researching which ski would suit me best as an all rounder for my style of skiing now, which is mainly hi-speed carving on groomers. I finally decided on the X83 CTI 2017 model, which I spent a few days on a demo then went out and purchased soon after. I’ve now spent a total of 6 weeks on this ski in Canada at several resorts and I just can’t fault it at all, in short, I love them. I can just cruise in comfort when I need and then when I feel like it I can “switch them on” lean forward and let them rip. They are really fast yet forgiving, hold a carve edge brilliantly and have a great feel. I’ve had them at 100 km/h on a few runs and never felt they were about to let go. I generally have to stay out of the bumps due to my knees so I can’t really rate them for performance e skiing n the bumps, yet on the few occasions I’ve found myself in them, the ski has still performed very well. This is a top notch ski that is a great all-rounder that I rate an easy 5 out of 5.
    If you get a chance, have a demo day on them in good conditions, and the 90CTI which are also fantastic and very similar, but can venture a little more off piste. Thankyou

    1. Thanks, Peter!
      You’ll find a lot more similarities than differences between those two models. I personally prefer the Salomon for no specific reason other than it felt better on my feet. They’re both versatile carvers that are light and fun to ski on in different terrain and conditions. The XDR has slightly lighter tips and tails, so is more maneuverable in an off-piste situation, while the build of the Atomic makes it slightly more stable on groomers at speed. Hope that helps!

  2. How does the Volkl RTM 84 compare to the Atomic Vantage X83 CTI? I recently demo’d a pair of the Volkl’s and really liked them, sadly, I can’t find anywhere in Ontario to demo the Atomic’s.

    I’m looking for an all-mountain ski that can handle a variety of terrain, but because I live in Ontario I spend a lot of time on hard packed (some would call it ice). I also spend about 5 or 6 days out west and about 2 weeks in Quebec every year.

    1. Hi Craig!

      I would say the Vantage X 83 is a little more playful and forgiving, while the RTM 84 is a little bit more precise and more responsive, but in reality it’s a fairly marginal difference between the two. I think for varied terrain, however, the Vantage X 83 has the edge, even if just barely. With either of these skis if you happen to get a big dump of snow out west you may want to consider demoing powder skis, but outside of that I think you’d probably be psyched with either.


    1. Overall they’re very similar skis, although I do think the Vantage X 83 is a little more playful and a little more forgiving, while the iKonic 84 Ti feels a little bit more powerful. To be honest it’s a marginal difference, but in my experience it’s the most noticeable difference between the two.


  3. Oh, I thought I was commenting HEAD SUPERSHAPE I.TITAN, my mistake, now I see I posted it here. How would comapare those two?

    1. Hey Peter!

      I was wondering if perhaps that was the case. The Vantage X 83 CTI feels a little bit more playful and forgiving than the I.Titan. They both definitely rip, but the tips and tails of the Atomic feel a little bit more supple, which gives it a more forgiving feel. You could argue that on the other hand the Titan has a little bit more power and slightly better edge grip on really firm snow.

      Let me know if you have any other questions about the two!


      1. Thank you for the answer!
        Getting my old Atomic SX12 (176cm) serviced I was advised it is high time for a replacement. I ski since I was 7 (being 29 right now), so I can call myself an expert, but without the racing ambitions. Looking for something mostly for groomers, but also for softer snow conditions and occasionally light off piste – that’s why not from GS category. Which ski do you think would suit me best (riding 10-14 days a year mostly in Alpes, so I won’t replace it very soon). I am also considering Atomic Vantage X 80 CTI and apparently more popular in Europe Head Monster 83. I am 6’0, 180 lbs, ski boots are new with 110 flex, so I guess 177 in Supershape I.Titan, and 180 in Vantage X 80 would be most appropriate, only with Vantage X 83 175 seems slightly short and 182 slightly long on paper…
        Kind regards,

      2. There’s really not a big difference in length between 180 and 182 cm… I wouldn’t really let that deter you from choosing one ski or another. That being said, I think you might be right that the Vantage X 80 is most appropriate. It’s a little bit more forgiving than the 83, and although it’s a marginal difference I think that would help you in softer snow conditions when you do take it off the groomers. The Titan is fairly stiff throughout the whole ski, and although its width helps give it some ability in soft snow, it’s pretty demanding. I would go either Vantage X 80 or 83 if I were you.

        Hope that helps!


  4. Hi! How would you compare those to Atomic Vantage 83? I ride mostly in Alpes and mostly on groomers, but also trying off piste when conditions are good (10% of time). I can only afford one pair of ski.

    1. Hi Peter!

      Do you mean the Vantage 85? I don’t believe there is a Vantage 83, other than the Vantage X 83.

      Let us know,


      1. Hi again SE,

        Yes, sorry for not being specific. I meant Atomic Vantage X 83 CTI. On paper characteristics are quite similar, but I would like an opinion of somebody who had chance to test both…

        Thank you and greetings,

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