2018 Blizzard Alight 8.0 Ca Women's Skis 2018 Blizzard Alight 8.0 Ca Women's Skis

2018 Blizzard Alight 8.0 Ca Women’s Skis

The women’s Alight series from Blizzard is made up of a series of skis intended for use predominantly on firm snow. The Alight 8.0 Ca shares the widest waist width of 80 mm and uses a lightweight construction with Paulownia and Bamboo creating a very light central core. Fiberglass laminates add in torsional stiffness and responsiveness while Blizzard’s IQ binding system allows for a very natural flex of the ski. It also has a rocker/camber/rocker profile with relatively low, 4 mm rise in the tips and tails that really smooths out carving turn initiation. The Alight 8.0 Ca seems to be intended for less aggressive skiers and should be quite approachable for intermediates looking for a stable, smooth ride for the groomers.

Ali Berlin tested the 156 cm length and found the Alight 8.0 Ca to be relatively easy to ski, yet still thought it has responsive, satisfying performance on the groomers. She thought it “had great edge to edge control,” and explained that they “responded well at varying speeds and turn shapes.” The rocker profile, light weight, and IQ binding all combine to create a ski that’s pretty easy to manipulate and create different turn shapes. It doesn’t feel overpowering, rather allows the skier to make subtle adjustments to their skiing that result in noticeably different turns. Ali did think it was best on groomed slopes, which isn’t at all surprising considering Blizzard says they specifically designed the Alight series for groomed snow. Ali commented that it’s a “good ski for groomers, but not recommended for trees,” as she found they felt “catchy at the tip in soft snow.”

Katrine Wolfgang skied the 162 cm length and gave the Alight 8.0 Ca solid scores for stability, quickness, torsional stiffness, and forgiveness. These are great attributes for a groomer-oriented all mountain ski, especially one that’s intended to be approachable for intermediate skiers, something that Katrine picked up on right away. After a couple runs on it Katrine decided it would make a “great intermediate ski for hard pack surfaces,” which almost feels like it’s pulled straight from the Blizzard catalog and really supports our theory that the Alight 8.0 Ca is a great choice for less aggressive skiers.

Susan Dorn, who also skied the 162 cm, thought the Alight 8.0 Ca had excellent forgiveness and versatility in terms of its ability to make different turn shapes and handle some variable snow conditions on the groomers. She found it had a “sweet spot under the heel, but still carved well when in a forward position.” This suggests that it’s a ski you can relax on, but still responds well when you want to give it a little more energy and a little more skier input. Although it’s intended for use on firm, groomed snow, Susan found it was a “nice versatile ski and handled bumps and crud snow smoothly.” She thought it would make a “good all mountain ski for eastern skiers,” which we certainly agree with, but think it could be a great choice for a western skier who spends most of their time on groomers as well.

The Blizzard Alight 8.0 Ca is exactly what it’s intended to be: an approachable, relatively manageable all mountain ski for intermediate and less aggressive advanced skiers. The light overall weight reduces fatigue for those long days on the hill, but the ski still has enough stability to inspire confidence in developing skiers, even when conditions get a little choppy. Those looking for a little more ski should consider the Alight 8.0 Ti, which takes the same shape and adds in metal laminates, which makes the ski a little burlier, but also significantly heavier and requiring more effort to ski.


Susan Dorn Ski Tester Profile Photo

Susan Dorn

Age: 59Height: 5'2"Weight: 130 lbs.

Ski Style: Deliberate, smooth, Masters Ski Racer

Ali Berlin Ski Tester Headshot Image

Ali Berlin

Age: 40Height: 5'"Weight: 110 lbs.

Ski Style: Fast Frontside Free Spirit

Katrine Wolfgang Ski Tester Headshot Image

Katrine Wolfgang

Age: 53Height: 5'5.5"Weight: 168 lbs.

Ski Style: Smooth carving

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  1. Hello, I am currently on a Bluzzard Viva Magnum 7.6, about 7tears old. Time for new skis;I am considering the Alight Ca or Ti, don’t know which would be best for me. I am a “groomer cruiser”, with occasional black groomed runs when conditions are right. I am a solid intermediate to advanced, and really prefer groomed runs at moderate speeds, I take medium to long turns, sometimes shorter turns too.
    What ski would you recommend for me, and what length? I am 5 ft. 5 & 1/2 inches, weigh about 168- 170.

    1. Hi Jennifer!

      I think you’d enjoy both skis, although it sounds like the Ca might be a little bit more appropriate. It’s a bit of a toss up as it sounds like you could ski both. The Alight 8.0 Ti is going to be a little smoother and quieter thanks to the vibration damping of metal, but is more fatiguing, requires more skier input, and is more challenging to get to make smaller turns. The Alight 8.0 Ca, on the other hand, isn’t quite as quiet, but is still impressively stable for a ski without metal. It’s also much less fatiguing, is easier to make shorter turns, and really is a lot of fun for cruising groomers. What length are your current skis? I’m thinking 162, but if you’re on much shorter skis now and overall prefer shorter skis you could go 156 cm.

      Hope that helps!


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