2018 Dynastar Legend X 84 2018 Dynastar Legend X 84

2018 Dynastar Legend X 84 Skis

Dynastar’s new Legend collection has a wide range of all mountain skis from 75 mm all the way up to 106 mm in waist width. The Legend X 84 sits in the middle of this range and is positioned as a versatile all mountain ski that should retain some solid ability on firm, groomed snow thanks to its narrower width and Dynastar’s new Powerdrive construction that’s designed to deliver responsiveness, edge grip, and stability. On the other end of the spectrum the 5 point sidecut and tip and tail rocker should provide a very maneuverable feel in soft and variable snow conditions and in terrain like moguls and trees. In fact, all of the Legend skis borrow elements from more freeride-oriented skis, but package them in a more versatile design. All of our testers on the Legend X 84 skied the 177 cm length.

Michael Rooney found the Legend X 84 to be relatively easy to ski and the type of ski that gives back what you put in. He found it was relatively relaxed when he wanted to be, but responded well when he skied more aggressively. Michael commented, “while this ski is good for cruising on open blue slopes, if you put it on edge and pressure it the ski will really come around quickly.” That’s a great description of the skis performance. It’s a relatively user-friendly ski and doesn’t demand the skier to really drive the it, but reacts and responds well to more skier input.

Justin Perry thought the Powerdrive construction did its job very well. Justin commented that it was a “great carving ski and had great hold on the groomers.” That’s quite a compliment to a 5-point sidecut ski. While this shape typically has very smooth and easy turn initiation, it’s not particularly known for its edge grip as 5 point sidecut skis have a shorter effective edge, so it really says a lot about the construction of the Legend X 84 for Justin to describe it this way. He also found that it “cut through crud like a champion on the upper section of the mountain.” That’s the kind of performance we like to see out of an all mountain ski: the ability to both hold an edge on firm snow and handle more variable conditions with ease.

Benny Wax described it as a “comfy ski” that was both “smooth and transitional.” Benny thought it would be a great choice for someone who is only going to own one pair of skis thanks to its mix of performance on firm snow and off the groomers as well. He did add that he thought it would be best for “strong intermediate to advanced skiers,” and emphasized that he thought it could be skied in “all conditions.” Beginners and less aggressive intermediates may find it to be a lot of ski, or might find the shape a little strange compared to what they’re used to, but when it comes down to it the Legend X 84 is relatively approachable.

In terms of versatility there aren’t many skis that can compare favorably to the Legend X 84. It has the torsional stiffness and edge grip needed for high performance on firm snow, but it also remains quite versatile with its 5 point sidecut and tip and tail rocker. We know the term “one ski quiver” is thrown around a lot in the industry, but this is one of those skis that can actually earn that title. If you don’t feel like you need a super wide powder ski the Legend X 84 delivers excellent performance in all but the deepest snow conditions.


Benny Wax Ski Tester Headshot Image

Benny Wax

Age: 67Height: 5'6"Weight: 190 lbs.

Ski Style: Smooth and creamy, lots of turns

Michael Rooney Ski Tester Headshot Image

Michael Rooney

Age: 70Height: 6'"Weight: 155 lbs.

Ski Style: Fast and precise; racing background

Justin Perry Ski Tester Headshot Image

Justin Perry

Age: 27Height: 5'9"Weight: 170 lbs.

Ski Style: Aggressive All Mountain Freeride

12 Comments on the “2018 Dynastar Legend X 84 Skis”

  1. Hi,

    I am a very athletic and more aggressive skier quickly improving in the “beginner/intermediate” range. I ski blues and reds comfortably and blacks with slightly more sliding than carving. Im strating to adventure of piste and attempting moguls. I’m 183cm and 85 kg and ski across Europe.

    I’m looking to buy my first set of skis to improve my technique all over the mountain and ski 80% piste and 20% of piste/moguls

    Currently looking at the Dynastar Legend X 84, Salomon XDR 84.

    What would you suggest is the better ski for me and is there any other skis I should be considering

    1. Hi Caleb!
      Great choices!
      I think the Dynastar makes more sense, as it has more of an all-mountain personality while the XDR is a bit more groomer-oriented. Small differences, but I think you’ll appreciate the forgiving and fun nature of the Legend. Have fun!

  2. Hello:
    I am 54 years old advanced/somewhat aggressive skier 5:10″ 180lbs who skis mostly east coast front side but loves to wander off into the glades, bumps and moguls.
    In terms of versatility which ski would you choose between the Dynastar legend X84 2018 and the K2 ikonic 84 2018?

    1. Hi Mike!
      I’d say the Dynastar gives you a lot more versatility, while the K2 is a much stronger carver. As such, in terms of versatility, I’d go with the Dynastar. Have fun!

    1. Hi Fredrik!
      Pretty comparable skis. You’ll find the Legend is a bit more damp while the XDR is a bit quicker edge to edge. The XDR has some metal in it, but not in the tips and tails, so it’s more stable underfoot while the Legend is more consistent in terms of flex from tip to tail. Have fun!

  3. Hi team,

    I’m 84k (184lb) advanced skier on and off piste and have tried (only 1 day) the Legend 84, which I really enjoyed. I’ve been reading about the Legend 88s would you recommend these over the 84s?

    1. Hi Joe!
      I was expecting the 88 to be the better ski, but I loved the snappiness and stability of the 84 more than I thought I would. The 88 is heavier, stiffer, and less responsive than the 84, but also more stable at speed. I’m heavier, about 215 pounds, so I should like the 88 more, but I didn’t. Hope that helps!

  4. Hi SE Team,
    I am an intermediate to advanced skier and want to exchange my old pair of Slalomcarvers against something more relaxed and suitable for occasional off piste rides but still with good carving capabilities. Yesterday I tried the X84 and liked it though carving seemed more difficult. I am undecided now between the X84 and the Rossignol experience 84 AI. Can you tell me the difference between both? From the reviews I think the X84 might work better in powder and the Rossignol better on piste.

    1. Hi Flo!
      I think you’re right on the money with your assessment. The Dynastar has a 5-point sidecut that makes it easy to turn, but you don’t get the same tip-to-tail edge control that you get from the Experience 84. They’re both pretty similar otherwise. Hope that helps!

  5. What length for a 59yo 5’10” 150lb advanced skier who like to cruise blues, ski blacks, and go into the moguls?

    1. Hi Glen!
      I’d say either the 170 or the 177 depending on your level of aggressiveness. Have fun!

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